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Monday, January 25, 2021

The Best (And Worst) Time of Day to Take Your Vitamin D

The Best (And Worst) Time of Day to Take Your Vitamin D
Image source: Royalty free Creative Commons

Vitamin D has many positive health benefits for the health and wealth of your body. Many people are not taking their Vitamin D correctly and unfortunately not getting the proper dosage for their bodies.
What patients have to say, think, tell and feel about taking Vitamin D is revealed here in some lines:

Vitamin D3 should be taken with vitamin K2 always. You can't find much D3 in foods. So take supplements. I take 1,50000 UI a day for 3 days with 1500 mcg of K2.

Elisa Mastromarino
1 week ago
Yay Dr Mandell! I have been taking 5000 international units per day as well, and I take it with fish oil each day and indulge in salmon 2-3 times per week. I have done this since before there was ever a pandemic.  I have never had the flu in my life, and I can't remember the last time I even had a cold. 
Since the pandemic, I 've come to believe that my good physical health is due to vitamin d3. I could be wrong, but I believe it.

Krzysztof K
1 week ago 
Thanks for this
We have to remember about vitamin K2 MK7 to take with D3.
We have to check level every 4-5 months. I started feel much better from level of 50 my target are 70

Carolyn Smith
3 days ago
Thank you I'm taking vit.D3 5000IU that has k2 90mcg is that a good one? Thank you for letting me know to take in the Morning and with an Good Oil

3 days ago
I take 4000iu of D3 every morning with avocado, given its fat content and its flavour I find it the best.

diane badstuebner
10 hours ago
I take 5000 units every other day and my levels are just over the low norm.  Since I now have osteoporosis I will probably increase it to every day.

Jade Duong
1 day ago
Thank you so much Dr Mandell for sharing with us all your health knowledge, we appreciate you.
I’m taking daily Vitamin D3 K2 (in natural oil form), now I know the right time of the day to take it thanks to you.

Linda Anne Calderone
2 days ago
You’re so right. My physician now checks my Vitamin with my annual labs. I’ve taken 5000iu daily for the past two years at his recommendation following severe insufficiency results. My levels are now midrange level.

Deborah Nation
6 days ago
OMG I always take mine Vit.D at nights ,thank you Doc for tjis infomation God bless you..

julie Taylor
5 days ago
Thank you for this information! Do you recommend taking Vitamin D along with K2 to discourage calcium buildup in your arteries

6 hours ago
I have heard that you should be taking them both together. I usually take 300 mcg of K2 with 10,000 IUs of D3

1 week ago
I've been taking vitamin D3 5000 iu for years and I never get sick.

ileen Haskins
4 days ago
Thanks for the D info.  My husband and I have been taking D for a couple of years.  It had a turning the light switch on effect on my hubby.  Not so much for me, but I still take it, 3000 a day.

Roger Turner
3 days ago
what is the max dosage take each day. i'm taking 2,000 IU/DAY [D3 FIX EXTRA]

Werner Danler
1 week ago
I've been taking 5000 D in the morning after breakfast along with C and others since forever. I don't get sick.

Lola Emmanuel TV
1 week ago
Thanks so much for this great information. Now I know better and when to take vitamin D. This is so helpful and very educative. Thanks doctor

Lorena Dela Rosa
3 days ago
Thanks Dr. I had severe vit d deficiency coz I worked nights then I used to take plain vit d 2000 units daily but my levels remained low so switched to D3 5000 daily and finally I have normal level of vit D...thanks for good info on when to take it and with what foods..

Chomba Dauya
6 days ago
Hello Doc!! Thank you very much for the vitamin D advice. I am more energetic and my hair has improved greatly, especially my hairline. Exercising was challenging because I would get tired easily and my joints would give me problems. Thanks

Linda Gasper
1 week ago
I take 5000 of Vitamin D3 with Vitamin K2-m7 along with Magnesium and at night I take Cod liver oil which has Vitamin D and A in it! I have had my levels checked twice in the last year.

Sinha Sinha
1 week ago
Thank you Dr. Mandell for all your advice..I check your videos everyday..I started taking Vit D after watching your video..Vitra D 1000 every morning after breakfast. 
Thank you so much

Pam Benedict
1 week ago
So very helpful in my case! D3! Not taking enough! No Sunshine here for the last 3 months! So if I don't want a heavy breakfast or lunch, swallow with a swig of olive oil with my coffee???

Valerie Holmes
1 week ago
For the last 6 months I have been taking vit D just before bed so I wouldn't forget it. I didn't connect this with the fact that, at the same time, I had never slept so badly in my life. After research in to insomnia I swapped the vit D to the morning and my normal sleep has been restored thank heavens.

Renee Bacarella
1 week ago
I was actually told by my naturopath to take my vitamin D3 before bed ... no wonder my sleep has been SO disrupted for many years! Thank you so much Dr Mandell this will be a game changer for me. As well as understanding we need to consume healthy fats with it! 
"Who knew!??"
I'm sharing with everyone I know!
God Bless you  ❤ 

1 day ago
I take 20 000 IU daily for about a year and my lvl went from 26 (very low) to 126  ( in some countries -toxic) and feel best ever. Now i take 8 000 daily to.keep it high.

1 week ago
I have to laugh, as I was just swallowing my Vitamin D3 when this notification popped up. I ALWAYS drop whatever I'm doing to listen to the good doc - it's the high point of my day. I have learned so much from him and utilize his suggestions on many different levels of my life. And, of course, I was taking my Vitamin D3 at the wrong time of day and only with water!!  I'll start taking it in the a.m. when I eat my boiled egg for breakfast. Once again, Dr. Mandell to the rescue!

Paula Gonzalez
3 days ago
Thanks for sharing your knowledge! So I’ve been taking Vit D for about 6 months and I can see all the positive changes. Start with the hair loss getting better and less painful periods! It works like magic 🪄 So how do 50.000 IU’s work in the system? You take up to 5.000 IU’s p/d and I take 50.000 IU’s p/w. How does it get released into the body? I’d love to hear more from you on this

Mercedes L Indigenous
1 week ago
I have been a tree trimmer for the past 15 years and I was always confused when I went to the doctor and he would tell me I was Vitamin D deficient even though I spend all day in the sun, but knowing what I know now it seems taking a supplement is crucial to get your levels up and in the green zone, so even though I still am in the sun all day I still take 6,000 IU a day in vitamin D. I researched Vitamin D and when you learn the importance of it you will never let yourself get deficient again, Thanks Dr. Mandell

Rick G
3 days ago
Your information is interesting, but I'm a bit skeptic when you suggest to take much more then the suggested amount per day.  Given that Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, its been documented that an excessive amount taken, that the body does not use, is absorbed in the fat globules.  It can lead to toxic levels if taken in excess.  Health problems such as bone (calcium) loss, hypercalcemia, confusion and kidney failure can result from excessive accumulation of Vit D.

1 week ago
I’ve started with 2500ui 3 years ago, but my level weren’t good enough (12 was my starting point). So I raised up to 5000ui for some months and my level was up to 40. Now I take 10.000ui, my levels are stable on 65. I guess this is the dose that my body need to mantein that level.

Suzanne Davis
1 week ago
Thank you! This is helpful! I had taken 2,000 mg of D3 per day for several years, yet when a doctor recently tested my level, I was at only 27. I had lived in Phoenix and had plenty of sunshine, too. When and how you take it is important.

1 week ago
up ur dose 5000iu with K2 120mcg. u will feel better. Stay blessed

The Best (And Worst) Time of Day to Take Your Vitamin D
Image source: Royalty free Creative Commons

There are millions of people today right now Deficient in vitamin D and vitamin D is probably one of the most important fat soluble vitamins that our body needs to stay healthy, but I want you to look at vitamin D as your Defense why because vitamin D instructs your white blood cells to manufacture a protein to kill infections and it's proven that it will lower the percentage of many different types of cancers that can affect your body and this is what builds your immune system but not all vitamins are the same vitamins, and C vitamins are water soluble that means we can take those just with water and it's going to assimilate into our system but fat soluble vitamins particularly vitamin D must be taken with fat and especially those healthy fats like avocados, cheese, eggs fatty fish, chia seeds, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, vitamin D stands out from all other vitamins on the planet because essentially it's a hormone and it's produced by our skin as a result of sunlight exposure although the majority of us is not getting our vitamin D from the sun because of the many factors like these as on the latitude where we live the clothing that we're wearing the sun protectant or the amount of time that we actually spend in the sun if you're always getting sick where your immune system becomes weakened or you're always tired losing hair having muscle aches bone problems loss of calcium in the bone osteoporosis these are all signs of vitamin D deficiency and it even goes a lot deeper than that being deficient can affect metabolic syndrome as it has an effect on your blood sugar levels and the research shows that vitamin D has a direct effect on the pancreas so we know that vitamin D must be taken with other fats and the best way to achieve that is to always take your vitamin D with a meal but now the question is which meal morning, afternoon, night time. The experts say that vitamin D can potentially affect the hormone melatonin and melatonin's main job on the body is to regulate the sleep wake cycle so taking vitamin D at night with our meal potentially can limit the amount of melatonin that's being secreted from the brain particularly our pineal gland so it's best to take your vitamin D early in the day there is no doubt that sun is the greatest way to get vitamin D but we also need to consider those dangerous rays from the sun and if your skin is very light or even spending too much time in the sun this can be dangerous leading to skin cancer as well so this makes a lot of sense and it's kind of coincidental that the sun only comes out in the morning and during the day not at night and when we get our vitamin D from the sun our body needs that time to synthesize that vitamin D throughout the day so that should tell us in itself take your vitamin D supplements in the morning but there search shows that taking vitamin D3 which is what most people recommend is going to give you more vitamin D than it would by taking vitamin D2 and the recommendations from the U.S. Institute of Medicine suggests that an average daily intake of 400 to 800 IU's or 10 to 20 micro-grams is adequate for 97.5 of individuals and I disagree because there are so many different factors that can cause problems with the assimilation of vitamin D in our bodies we all have different chemistry, we all have different metabolic conditions and what about those who take vitamin D incorrectly. We're just not getting enough from my experience it's best to take at least one to two thousand ius a Day or even more I personally take five thousand IU's a Day and my vitamin D levels are just in the middle and they are not high, so the next time you see your doctor mention to him or her to get your vitamin D levels checked. 

The Best (And Worst) Time of Day to Take Your Vitamin D
Image source: Royalty free Creative Commons

Although there are a lot true statements, there are many over simplifications and abstractions that are simply incorrect. For instance, it is true that vitamin D, along with vitamins A, E and K are fat soluble vitamins. Also it is true that vitamin D acts as a hormone, and that our body is able to make vitamin D via exposure to sunlight. It is also true that we are much less exposed to sun light in modern times. However, it is NOT proven that vitamin D supplementation will reduce the risk of any cancer or infection, will prevent high blood pressure or prevent diabetes. There are MANY observational studies showing an ASSOCIATION of low vitamin D with many disease processes. However, these are association studies cannot prove that low vitamin D caused or contributed to any of the diseases. Association does not mean causation. The major issue is that the elderly generally have lower vitamin D and most all of the diseases in question occur in the elderly. Therefore, it could be that lower vitamin D is a marker of older age and other problems that result in the disease. In fact, as an example, there have been large well controlled studies that looked at vitamin D supplementation for high blood pressure and diabetes and found vitamin D did NOT reduce the risk:

Additionally, searching Google Scholar for "vitamin D and melatonin" I glanced at a top hit "The influence of vitamin D supplementation on melatonin status in patients with multiple sclerosis" is a good study that shows that vitamin D supplementation is associated with increased night time melatonin. However, the study is of only 40 people, and they do not state what time of day the vitamin D was taken. Additionally, right there in the conclusions the authors state "Our results must be interpreted with caution."

Many statements are based on lower quality scientific evidence or evidence from lab work in animals or cells, and not in high quality, reproduced science in humans. This does not mean the statements are untrue, but that they have not been proven in any sort of way.

Lastly, taking large doses of vitamin D can cause serious health problems. I would encourage people to watch the documentary Vitamania. I would also encourage people to get information from a trusted online sources such as Mayo Clinic, NIH and Medline, American College of Physicians etc... Or best speak to your medical doctor. There is a reason the beginning starts with a legal warning stating you should talk to your physician who is a medical doctor. I would advise to try to be more careful when taking vitamins and minerals as external source of supplement.

BTW,  your race/ethnicity may affect your vitamin D levels as well. Caucasian people tend to have higher levels of vitamin D when they can get out in the sun, as their melanin levels are usually low and they absorb ultraviolet light rather easily.  However, the darker your skin complexion is, the more melanin you have in your skin, which means it takes much longer for the sun to synthesize vitamin D levels in the body. People of Africa descent tend to have much lower levels of vitamin D in their system  and as a result tend to be more susceptible to bacterial and viral infections. It's no accident that African Americans and Hindu people in India have been more devastated by COVID 19 than other racial and ethnic groups, but Latino people have also been severely affected.  According to British studies, high levels of vitamin D in the body helps to prevent one from catching COVID 19 provided they follow all the other steps of wearing masks, practicing proper hygiene, and social distancing, but it has also been shown to reduce the severity of symptoms provided it is caught early, so any person with naturally dark skin should be taking vitamin D supplements at a minimum of 2000 IU per day and ideally 5000 IU per day along with vitamin K2. Some may even need to take 10,000 IU per day until they get ther vitamin D levels up to normal range and then take 2000 to 5000 IU per day as a maintenance dosage.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I only wish you good health. Please share this with your friends and family, leave your comments below because there will be many and most important make it a great day. 

Copyright statement: The graphic is irrelevant. This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information. If there is an error in the source labeling or infringement of your legal rights, please contact the website with the certificate of ownership, and we will correct and delete it in time, thank you.

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