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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Cervical cancer is curable and not so scary

Cervical cancer is curable and not so scary
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Cervical cancer is curable and not so scary  

  Cervical cancer is the second highest incidence of cancer among women aged 15-44 in China (behind only breast cancer). China has about 130,000 new cases each year, accounting for 28% of the total new cases of cervical cancer in the world. Globally, an average new case is detected every minute, and every two minutes a woman dies of cervical cancer. With the launch of the cervical cancer vaccine in the mainland, there is a "vaccine wind" in the circle of female friends, and many people are also struggling. What is the effect of this vaccine? Is it necessary to fight? Today's Health Channel "Medicine" invited Zhao Yi, deputy chief physician of the Department of Gynecology, Peking University People's Hospital, to answer your questions about cervical cancer vaccine and related issues.

In terms of our clinical practice, we see all kinds of cancer patients. In fact, what we most regret is seeing patients with cervical cancer, because it is indeed like you said, it can be prevented. Why can it be prevented? It does not happen overnight. We know that it is related to HPV infection. HPV infection is its culprit, but it takes a long time from 5 to 8 years from the infection of the virus to the actual progression to cancer. You want this process. None of them are cancers. They are benign lesions. If you screen here and find the block in time, you will not get cervical cancer. So now that we have the HPV vaccine, cervical cancer is really a malignant tumor most likely to be overcome in the future.

What is cervical cancer? How did it come about?

 Cervical cancer is actually a malignant tumor of the cervix. Academically speaking, cancer usually refers to the lesions of the epithelium. The lesions of the epithelium are targeted to the cervical, like squamous cell carcinoma, like adenocarcinoma. These are epithelial lesions It is a malignant tumor of the cervix. It is now clear that it is a viral infection. Human papillomavirus infection causes cervical cancer.

 Cervical cancer is also divided into intermediate, early, and advanced stages. What is the difference?

 Why should we emphasize that cervical cancer should be screened, and cervical cancer can be prevented, that is, its performance is different in the early, middle and late stages. In the early stage, cervical cancer is no different from normal women. At this time, we can find that it can be prevented by screening. If it is in the middle and advanced stages, if we have a gynecological examination, we can see that the cervical tumor has the form and has been lost The normal form of the cervix. Symptoms such as abnormal secretions, intersex hemorrhage, etc. will be manifested. If it is really advanced, it is like most malignant tumors, like malignant heterogeneity, weight loss, etc., and advanced There will be some abnormalities in hydronephrosis, the entire bladder, bowel movements, etc. It is important to screen early.  

 Cervical cancer vaccine is effective in preventing cervical cancer

 The prevention of cervical cancer vaccine for HPV infection and the prevention of cervical cancer are very clear. There are three types of vaccines on the market now, two-valent, four- and nine-valent, and two- and four-valent vaccines. Valuable vaccines have been marketed earlier abroad, and have been on the market for more than 10 years. A large number of clinical practices and applications have confirmed that they have a very clear effect on the prevention of HPV- related diseases. Here, cervical cancer is actually the most common malignant tumor caused by HPV infection, and it is indeed very effective.

Not all women are suitable for the cervical cancer vaccine?

 This vaccine is aimed at the approved age of various countries. For our country, the suitable age for the approval of the bivalent vaccine is 9 to 25 years old, and the approval of the tetravalent vaccine is 20 to 45 years old. Actually, This whole age has covered the best times for women. It is actually based on its health economics, and the effectiveness of vaccine prevention, when it is most effective to use is relevant.

Is there a time limit or interval for vaccinations?

  If you target the bivalent vaccine, you will see that the instructions are very detailed. The bivalent vaccine is completed in 3 doses at 0, 1, 6 months, and 0, 2, 6 for the tetravalent vaccine. It may be completed by the month, sometimes we may exist. By the first month, I am on a business trip after I have finished the bivalent vaccine. You can drag it back a little, it is also possible to complete it in one and a half months, or until the first month. I couldn't keep up with the 3 shots. It doesn't matter. In fact, you can complete the 3rd shot within a year, and they are all effective. Of course, it is the best time to do it according to the recommended vaccination time.

Are there any side effects after cervical cancer vaccination?
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Are there any side effects after cervical cancer vaccination?

 The vaccines that have been on the market have been used clinically for so many years and are used in more than 100 countries. In fact, a large number of practices have proven that they are still safe, but just like all vaccines, we have the same flu vaccine and so on. It is possible that there will be changes in the reactivity of some biological agents, this change is similar to other vaccines. We took part in some clinical trials in China for this vaccine. The most common response we have seen in the course of clinical trials is the local response, which is the pain at the local injection site, which is the same as the other vaccines we have. Others are like a little tiredness after a hit, or some fever. These are also there, but not particularly much.

Do I need to get a cervical cancer vaccine if I am positive for HPV?

 We older people, in fact, I may be exposed to this state. Is it effective for me to fight now? I can fight when I am 20 to 45 years old. Why can I fight? You may be infected with this virus, but it is a prevention of several prices. It is also possible that your other viruses are not infected, and the same will have a preventive effect, so we will also recommend, if you are willing to receive vaccination, and the financial ability is acceptable.

Cervical cancer vaccine not recommended for women during pregnancy

  Generally speaking, whether the two or four prices are completed within three months, if you are planning to become pregnant in the near future, we usually do not recommend you to fight, because it is possible that after you finish, although it is now on the market A large amount of practice proves that it is true that there is no data showing that this vaccine will have any problems on embryo growth and development, but this sample size is still too small, so we usually say that if you plan to become pregnant, recently pregnant, postponed, etc. You can fight after you have a baby. If you are preparing to have a baby next year, there will be no problem playing this year.

 There is no evidence that it does affect the child, so for this situation we would suggest that if you are pregnant, the next shot will not be taken first, and you can wait until you have the child.

What is the difference between two-, four-, and nine-valent vaccines?

 The two, four, and nine prices are actually a simple literal understanding. One is to prevent two HPV infections, the other is to prevent four, and the other is to prevent nine. What our country has approved is the main price of two. It is the prevention of sixteen and eighteen, and the four-valent one is added with two low-risk types of six and eleven. As for the prevention of cervical cancer, the two vaccines are actually similar in efficacy, but they are only four-valent. The vaccine can also prevent the infection of low-risk viruses, but it is true that we have not obtained valid evidence in clinical trials in our country. You can see that the quadrivalent vaccine is clearly written on its instructions. It can prevent genital warts abroad, but there is no such data in China.

 Because the cervical cancer vaccine has a certain scope of application, just like the scope of application approved by the state, there are older people, and older people are rarely seen abroad. In fact, it is because in our national clinical trials, we have entered the group. There are older people, and the older people use it to see the effect of prevention.

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