Know the Difference Between Flu and Corona

Monday, October 12, 2020

Know the fine difference between the flu and corona: 87% of corona infected loose their sense of smell and taste, 4 new symptoms of covid-19 that are completely different from seasonal flu.

Difference between flu and corona
  • Body pain, cough, sneeze and sore throat are symptoms of both corona and flu, but they can also be differentiated.
  • Symptoms of corona in young children can also be swelling of the entire body, blue lips and mouth.
Donald G. McNeill. The weather is changing, summer is going and winter is coming. In such a situation the chances of getting seasonal fever and flu increases. There is a lot of difference between normal flu and corona, but the common symptoms are the same. That's why people are in confusion and are making a mistake in differentiating between the two. According to experts, the difference between the two can be done through some nuances. At the same time, according to a study, the symptoms of corona in children may be different from those of adults.

What are the subtle differences between corona and flu symptoms?

To understand this, you have to carefully understand the specifics of corona along with its specifics, because the symptoms of normal flu and corona are almost the same. It can be understood through 3 things.
  • If you are in the grip of corona, then you will have high fever, and will also feel pain in your joints.
  • Normal flu only causes pain throughout the body, fever is also mild. Corona causes dry cough, while flu causes cough with phlegm. But weakness will be felt in both.
  • The most distinguishable symptom of Corona is that the sense of smelling and testing of its vulnerable person goes away. That is, he will neither smell anything nor will get a test if he eats anything; Normal flu only worsens the mouth test and does not cause sensation of smell.

Do all corona patients lose their smell sense?

  • It is not necessary that all the corona patients' smelts and tests disappear. A research conducted in the US has found that 87% of corona sufferers lose their ability to sniff and test.
Experts say that many times in corona infections, such symptoms also occur which are completely new. These include things like chest pain, lip blue. Apart from this, many times you start forgetting some things. Like- you are about to do something and you forget or say something and forget. Normally this happens to us sometimes, but in Corona it happens many times.

How to recognize the symptoms of corona in children?

Since children from 0 to 5 years of age cannot speak nor share their feeling, they cannot tell what is happening to them as adults. Therefore, parents will have to pay attention to whether the symptoms seen in them are of flu or corona. Some new symptoms are also appearing in children.
  • If the child is having trouble breathing. If his lips turn blue, take him to the doctor immediately. Apart from this, if the child is having a fever and he is confusing for some time after sleeping or not able to respond properly, then he should be taken to the doctor.
  • After corona, some children are also experiencing the symptoms of 'multi-system inflammatory syndrome', that is, the children's body gets swollen and fever can also occur. But it is very rare. Even in this situation, you should immediately consult a doctor.
Difference Between Flu and Corona

What are the precautionary measures to avoid corona and flu?

  • Wash hands frequently throughout the day.
  • distance from each other.
  • Wear a mask as much as possible.
Doctors say that people should also keep pulse oximeter and fingerprint device to know the amount of oxygen in the blood. If the reading is less than 92, doctors should be contacted immediately. By doing this we can protect ourselves from both corona and seasonal flu.
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