Corona can also spread in home

Monday, October 12, 2020
Corona Virus can spread in home

Corona can also spread in the house: leave the window slightly open at night, put exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen; 3 ways to help improve air quality at home

According to the CDC's new guidelines, small particles floating in the air indoors can cause coronavirus to spread

If your home does not have good ventilation, it also damages the walls of the house, apart from health.

If a coronavirus is infected in your home, you can also become infected by talking, singing, singing, or breathing fast. Even if you are taking care of 6 social dissing. This is to say the new guidelines of the US health agency Centres for Disease Control and prevention. According to the agency's new advice, coronavirus can also spread from small particles of viruses floating in the air. In this way, the virus outbreak is due to poor ventilation.

Even before that, many extras consider the outdoors more secure than indoor, as air circulation is better. According to the CDC, scientists believe that the small droplets and particles from the mouth of the Covid 19 patient become stronger to infect others. Now that poor ventilation has caused the virus to spread, we also need to consider the flow of air in the house.

What does ventilation mean?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, ventilation means changing the inside air from the outside air. Apart from viruses, if there is no better ventilation, it also harms the house. Also, the gas emanating from the stove at home can adversely affect your health. There are three kinds of home ventilation.

Natural ventilation: In such ventilation the air goes unchecked and indoors from the window, door or cracks. This is considered to be the most common way to replace indoor air with fresh air outside. At the same time, this method is still being used in many old houses.

Spot ventilation: Spot ventilation is usually used in other ways. Also this method can be used to improve natural ventilation. The flow of air is controlled with the help of exhaust wings to remove moisture and pollution in spot ventilation.

Hole House Ventilation: If both methods of ventilation in your home are not working then you should consider hole house ventilation. More than one wing and duct system can be used to exclude stale air from home and bring fresh air inside. Hole house ventilation controls throughout the house and gives uniform ventilation.

How to increase ventilation to keep the family safe

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, ventilation is the best way to improve the quality of indoor air. However, this measure is also not enough to save us from covid. According to the agency, if you want to improve ventilation at home, open the windows of the house and use air conditioners that pull the outside air inside. Also, if possible, keep using the fan in the bathroom.

Ways to improve air quality at home

Ventilation at night: Sleeping can be beneficial by opening the windows a little while sleeping at night. This will improve the air quality in your room and reduce moisture. In summer, this method will reduce the humidity, but be a little cautious about this measure in winter. Because you may exclude the hot air inside due to ventilation.

Vent on the walls: Another way to improve ventilation in the house is to vent. With this you can use the wings made for special ventilation. This method will help you to get rid of the moisture and bad air in the house. Also take special care of ventilation in bathrooms and kitchens. In these places, the highest moisture and bad air are ready. Exhaust fans can be helpful in making bad air out of these places and bringing fresh air inside.

Plants: Plants can prove to be a big weapon in fighting the bad air inside the house. In addition, they also enhance the beauty of the house. The fans in the house will improve the air flow inside and the plants together will also improve the quality of the air. These plants will also reduce the level of carbon dioxide inside the house, damaging toxins.

Air Purifier:
It may be a better way to apply air purifiers at home if you wish. However, it is a little expensive. A good device can improve the air in your home. Whenever you think of buying a device, you must do a little research first. The blogs of the experts will help you.
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