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Saturday, September 5, 2020

What's the difference between a girl's 25-day period and 35-day period? Who will age faster?

What's the difference between a girl's 25-day period and 35-day period? Who will age faster?

For girls, the menstrual cycle is very familiar. From the beginning of puberty to the end of menopause, it accompanies girls for most of their lives. But even if you are always with you, no one dares to say how much you know about your menstrual cycle. Because it is always irregular, except for not knowing when it will come and when it will leave, it is often not fixed even for a few days... and there is no good reference comparison. Some people come once in more than 20 days, but some Come once every 40 days, who is normal?

1. How many days should there be a normal menstrual cycle?

The first thing to be clear is that whether it is 25 days or 35 days, it cannot be judged by the number of days alone. Because there are too many factors that affect the menstrual cycle. In addition to pregnancy, drugs, diseases and other factors, there are also many factors in life that also affect it, such as endocrine disorders. This is a lot of obesity, staying up late, and mood. Fluctuations and even diet may affect endocrine. Therefore, generally speaking, the menstrual cycle of girls is about 21 to 35 days, which can be regarded as normal.

Of course, you cannot judge whether it is normal or not based on the menstrual cycle alone, but also consider the regularity of the cycle, that is to say, the interval between several times. It's a bit big (generally changes within 7 days), you need to pay attention; the last is the period of menstruation, 3 to 7 days is normal.

2. How big is the difference between 25 days and 35 days when girls come on official holidays?

After understanding the aspects mentioned above, we can easily answer this question. First of all, if the cycle is very regular and the menstrual time is appropriate, the menstrual volume is not abnormal (5-80ml). It can be said that both are normal and there is no difference.

If you have to make a difference, it would be cheaper and more comfortable to come once in 35 days than once in 25 days (after all, if you extend the timeline, you can save a few pieces of sanitary napkins). , There are more days without menstrual period trouble)

As for the saying "the shorter the menstrual cycle, the faster the old age" spread on the Internet, there is no truth at all, it is a proper rumor! Because the length of the menstrual cycle is related to the speed of follicle development. The number of eggs in each woman's life is constant, 300 for some people and 500 for some people. There is only one situation that can confirm this statement, that is, if the number of eggs is low, and the cycle is short, it is possible that someone else has menopause. But don't forget, first of all, not every menstrual ovulation occurs, even if ovulation, it is not only one ovulation every time, so the variables are even greater. Therefore, it is not reliable to judge the aging rate based on the menstrual cycle alone.

Besides, the age of women's menopause is not the better. Statistics show that the age of menopause in my country is 49 years old. If you are in your 50s or 60s and still have menstruation, in many cases it may not be a good thing. Because it is very likely to be anovulatory bleeding, it is more likely to be suspected of cervical cancer, endometrial cancer and other gynecological tumors.

What else do you want to know about the menstrual cycle? 

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Ayurvedic Natural Herbal Medicinal Health Treatment Methods without side effects. This blog is related to health, fitness, wellness, Alternative Medicines and leading a disease free lifestyle. It gives in depth info and knowledge about how to remain healthy all your life without taking medicines and non invasive treatment methods.



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