Treating Fever with Hibiscus Tea

Friday, September 25, 2020

 Treating Fever with Hibiscus Tea

How to treat fever with hibiscus flowers has been known for centuries. Our ancestors in the past were so close and sensitive to the universe that they were able to find medicinal materials from natural ingredients.

Treating Fever with Hibiscus Tea

The hibiscus flower known to plant scientists as Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is easy to find everywhere. This plant can grow in various conditions, from hot areas to cool pegunngan.

The hibiscus is a hardy plant. To plant it, just cut the plant branches and put them in the ground. In Indonesia, with a very fertile nature, of course, this plant is easy to find anywhere.

Due to its cool energy vibration, hibiscus can be used to reduce fever.

Apart from being red, there are also pink and white hibiscus flowers. In some areas, this hibiscus flower is also used in traditional ceremonies.

This is how to treat fever with hibiscus tea:

Prepare 4 hibiscus flowers
Put it in boiling water about 2 cups.
The color of hibiscus tea is brown to black-black.
Feel free to add lime or lemon.
Hibiscus tea turns a fiery red
Ready to drink tea to treat your fever
If desired, cinnamon or honey can also be added
Some of the benefits of other hibiscus flowers and leaves:

1. Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Hibiscus leaf boiled water can be used to reduce high blood pressure and bad cholesterol content in the body.

2. Treat Coughs and Thrush.
Hibiscus leaves can be used for cough medicine and canker sores. Prepared in the manner recommended above. Water is prepared for drinking or gargling.

3. Medication for headache. Hibiscus leaves can also be used for headache medicine. Use the water to compress our foreheads. The paste can be used to attach it to the head. Boiled water is also ready to drink.

4. Medication for goiter. A goiter is an enlarged thyroid gland in the lower neck. It feels uncomfortable and bumps. The boiled water can be drunk, and the paste can be smeared into the goiter area as an external medicine.

5. Medicine Difficult to Urine. Hibiscus decoction can be used to cure difficulty urinating (urinating).

6. Prevent Hair Loss. Shoe leaf mucus can be used as a hair mask ingredient. Apply the mucus on your hair or use water as a shampoo. This step helps cure hair loss.

7. Lose weight. Low calorie and high fiber content. Effective for weight loss. You can drink the boiled water of hibiscus leaves. Hibiscus tea can reduce body fat and calories.

8. Increase Energy. Consumption of hibiscus tea can restore lost energy. Energy revitalization is important for avoiding stress and tension.

By planting hibiscus flowers in the yard, treating fever with hibiscus can be done at any time.
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