The hands often become numb for no reason, or have been "stared" by 4 kinds of diseases, do not take it lightly

Saturday, September 5, 2020

The hands often become numb for no reason, or have been "stared" by 4 kinds of diseases, do not take it lightly.

The hands are the extremities of the limbs and are prone to ischemia , which can cause numbness in the hands. If the posture is not correct when sleeping, and the hands are compressed for a long time, it is easy to become numb , which is normal.

However, if it is a prolonged period of unexplained numbness in the hands , full vigilance should be aroused. Although numbness in the hands is generally a normal phenomenon, it may also indicate the occurrence of diseases and should not be taken lightly.

Hand numbness for no reason is mainly caused by the following four reasons.

1. Tenosynovitis. 

This is a common occupational disease. Since the work of modern people has changed from a lot of manual labor to mental labor, many people's work is done in front of the computer.

However, long-term sitting for a long time, long-term typing and manipulation of the mouse, can easily cause tenosynovitis. Therefore, if you are an office worker who needs to sit and work in front of the computer for a long time, once your hands often feel numb, it means that your hands have been overloaded.

Tenosynovitis is often accompanied by wrist pain . If this happens, you should pay attention to wrist protection and arm relaxation, and get up and move in time after a period of work.

2. Cervical Spondylosis. 

If you maintain a bad posture for a long time, you are prone to cervical spondylosis. Once suffering from cervical spondylosis, the surrounding nerves are easily compressed, causing the problem of hand numbness.

Therefore, once this problem occurs, you should change your bad posture in time, avoid working at the desk or standing for a long time, and pay attention to exercise to avoid aggravation of symptoms.

It is recommended to get up and move for 10 minutes after every 40 minutes of work and study, which is very helpful to human health.

3. Diabetes. 

Diabetes is a disease with a high incidence in modern times, mainly caused by high blood sugar . If the blood sugar is too high, it may manifest as numbness in the hands.

This situation requires timely treatment, because if blood sugar is not further controlled, a series of complications may be induced, which may affect nerve function.

Therefore, once this happens, you must be vigilant, especially those with diabetes, should seek medical treatment in time to ensure that blood sugar is well controlled.

4. Cerebral Ischemia. 

This situation generally occurs in middle-aged and elderly people, which is a dangerous situation. Because after the age of fifty, the body will gradually age and the elasticity of blood vessels will also become poor.

Therefore, if the blood vessels are blocked, the blood flow will become blocked, resulting in numbness in the hands. If this situation is not controlled in time, it will easily cause brain ischemia.

Therefore, once the middle-aged and elderly people experience frequent unreasonable hand numbness, they must be alert to whether there is cerebral ischemia. At the same time, you must adjust your eating habits and maintain a good lifestyle to avoid clogged blood vessels.

In general, most of the occasional hand numbness is caused by insufficient peripheral blood flow. Don't worry too much, just pay attention to protect your hands and avoid being oppressed.

Once the long-term unprovoked hand numbness occurs, it should be paid enough attention. Although numbness in the hands is not a major problem, it can also be caused by some diseases. Therefore, in order to ensure good health, you should go to the hospital in time to avoid missing the best treatment period.
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