How to Stay Young Naturally

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

How to stay young is an interesting topic for those who have aged

But if you want to stay young you should do it from an early age. There are some people who from birth look young without doing anything.

For those who do not get blessings, please look carefully at how to make our faces and bodies naturally healthy and youthful.

1. Regularly consume fruits and vegetables

The first way to stay young is to be diligent or to consume fruits and vegetables. Why? Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which are very helpful in the process of cell regeneration. In order for the body to stay young and healthy, the main thing is to maintain the cell regeneration process is not disturbed. Fruits and vegetables are also rich in healthy, which helps the digestion process of food can be absorbed in the body optimally. A good digestive process will minimize the resulting waste from what we eat. Minimizing the presence of waste products in the body will make the stomach and intestines healthier and more productive in absorbing food juices.

2. Smile a lot and be grateful

The second way to stay young is to smile and be grateful. Stress is one of the causes of premature aging. One of the natural ways to deal with stress is to smile a lot. Our faces that smile easily will have a positive effect on the environment we are in. The process of smiling itself also triggers the release of hormones that make our bodies healthy. Like smiling, being grateful also has a good effect on the body. A person who is always grateful makes his body relaxed and not tense. A relaxed body makes the body's metabolic processes fully usable for the process of repairing damaged cells or cells that are malfunctioning.

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3. Get enough rest

The third way to stay young is adequate rest. Human resting, besides functioning to rest the mind, also functions to rest the important organs of the human body which are very supportive of the life process. Just as vehicles are occasionally serviced and not used continuously, so is the human body which is the vehicle for our souls in life on this earth.

4. Health meditation

The fourth way to stay young is to regularly do health meditation. There are various health meditation techniques that can be practiced. Meditation makes us sensitive to the body, control our emotions and get closer to our soul. Meditation makes us healthy both physically and spiritually. This health meditation serves to nourish our minds. So a new term appears: "In a healthy soul or mind, there is a healthy body." Research conducted in several countries has shown that women who are diligent in doing meditation will look 10 years younger or more.

5. Fasting

The fifth way to stay young is fasting. Fasting was practiced by many ancient peoples in any tradition. So fasting behavior is a global tradition in the past. In Java, there is fasting that is still maintained today, apart from the Weton fast, there is a Monday fasting practice as well as white fasting. In Christian tradition it is customary to observe fast and abstinence within the 40 day period before Easter, whereas for Muslims, fasting is performed for 30 days during the month of Ramadan.

6. Exercise regularly

One of the easiest sports to do is walk. According to research, Indonesians walk the least. If in the past people diligently walked to school, college or work. Currently, walking has been replaced by four-wheeled or two-wheeled vehicles.

How does fasting affect the human body? During fasting it turns out that our metabolic system will slow down, which simultaneously will have the same effect on the skin aging process. This means that it slows down the skin aging process. Although it still needs to be studied and put into practice, there is a study which says that fasting for 12 hours will give you a youthful effect for 1 hour.

As reported by Healthy Diet Base, when fasting, the colon will automatically be cleaner than usual. This makes the intestines able to absorb food nutrients much better than usual. Good nutrition will also be good for skin health.

Conclusion How to Stay Young Naturally

Of the 5 ways to stay young described above. The important points are: First. How to maintain the body's metabolism to function optimally. Second. How to get food with good nutrition. Third. How to relax the body's organs so that they can function optimally.
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