Home remedies for sore throats for babies

Saturday, September 5, 2020

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Home remedies for sore throats for babies

With the following home remedies for sore throats for children with easy-to-find folk remedies below, your child will stop coughing and show a very happy mood with his peers.

1. Treatment of sore throats for children with ginger and honey: 

Grate a piece of ginger and add honey. Help your baby's money suck on honey-soaked ginger. Ginger has an anti-inflammatory effect that will soothe the throat and fight inflammation. Honey also works to ease the sore throat.

In the cold season, children should drink ginger tea to help warm people. Moreover, ginger is very effective in disinfecting the throat as well as treating cough. In addition, it is also advisable to regularly give the child warm honey to drink in the morning. 

10 Home remedies for sore throats for babies are not sure if the mother suffers pain and pain, apply 2 times / day

2. Treatment of sore throats for children by rubbing mustard oil:

Use a little warm mustard oil to apply to the throat, after that time gently stroked several times. This is very effective in treating inflammation in children.

3. Use warm water to treat sore throats:

When a child has a sore throat, he or she needs a drink of plain water to ease the pain and eliminate bacteria.

4. Use warm eucalyptus oil to massage the baby's throat:

Soak a cloth or cotton in warm eucalyptus oil, then rub it on your throat and massage.

5. Garlic helps to treat sore throats for children:

Boil garlic in water and let cool. Putting a few drops of garlic juice into the throat approved the dropper will relieve the pain. This way also helps children swallow liquids and food easily.

6. Treatment of sore throats for children can use lemon and honey:

Adding a few drops of lemon juice to honey and applying it to the child's tongue and letting the baby suck it naturally will also help relieve a sore throat.

7. Treatment of sore throats for children with fish leaves + soup + sugar

For many mothers, this remedy for sore throats and tonsillitis can be new. But in practice, many women have applied this simple remedy for their children. And each time, they get good results.

Accordingly, you can use the fish leaf to wash and puree it. Fall a bowl of dilute porridge juice (replacing the water to wash the rice for fear of impurities and pesticide residues). After that time, mix these 2 water together. Add more sugar and cook thoroughly on the kitchen then let your baby drink 3 times a day, half a cup each time.

If you keep diligently giving your baby a drink in a row, just 3 days he will stop coughing. Or drink in 1 week, the disease will be eliminated.

In addition to treating children with sore throats and sore throats , women can give their children this fishy water all year round. Thus, both respiratory diseases, and higher quality than normal for digestion.

When applying this method, women do not pay too much attention to the dose of leaves. You just go to the market to buy about 2 bunches of fish, wash it and pour it with a bowl of soup and then pour it into puree. Next, take the baby's towel filtered and add boiling sugar. 

8. Treatment of sore throats for children with smoked leaves + honey

To cure sore throats, coughs and vomiting, especially expectorant for ants, another method that many women use is to use chopped river dew leaves steamed for 10 minutes with honey.

Treatment of sore throats for children at home with effective folk remedies part 3

After that time, you can give your child a drink to treat vomiting and coughing, as well as help reduce phlegm. With this approach, many mothers apply for 5 days to their babies and say it helps to reduce coughing and expel phlegm a lot.

9. How to treat sore throats in children with fresh lemon basil leaves + Sugar alum

In addition to being used to steam very well for children when they have colds in winter, parents can use fresh lemon basil leaves 20g (washed, chopped) and use about 20g of alum sugar. 

Put two things in a bowl, water them in a water bath, get water and let your child drink slowly. For example, if you are an older child, you can ask your child to keep the pulp in his mouth and suck the water. Drink a ladder every day, in a row for 3 to 5 days, the sore throat and cough will help. 

10. Chives leaves + alum sugar help you to treat sore throat for children

If any woman in the family grows chives, they all know that chives are spicy, slightly sour, and strong. Because it is a warm plant, the interaction of kidneys, tonic, moderate, gas, hemolysis, detoxification, hemostasis, phlegm use. "One year so it will be forgotten", chives leaf is one of the remedies used by many nursing mothers. 

To cure sore throats with chives leaves for children, take about a small handful of chives leaves and a sufficient amount of rock sugar and after that time take a little sugar into the bowl, steam it in a water bath.

After that time, he took water for the baby to drink twice a day and each time drank about 2-3 teaspoons.

Mothers please persistently apply the above folk remedies to treat sore throats , very effective!

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