Herbal Natural Treatment for Muscle Cramps

Friday, September 25, 2020
Herbal Natural Treatment for Muscle Cramps
How often do you experience muscle cramps? The problem of muscle cramps may be a disorder that is often experienced by urban people. Where the myriad of activities they do make the whole body experience very intense fatigue. Of course this condition becomes a serious problem, because when the cramp problem starts to whack, even though it's only for a while, a myriad of activities are often delayed.

Fatigue is indeed one of the causes of muscle cramps , but from a health point of view this problem can also be caused by many things. Such as a contraction of the drug that is consumed to the disruption of blood circulation.

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In general, muscle cramps tend to occur in the calf area and also the back of the knee. When experiencing cramps you may tend to use several types of drugs to treat them. But you can actually deal with muscle cramps in a natural way. Well, here are some ways that can help you deal with it.

Doing stretching

Cramping problems in some limbs can be caused due to a lack of movement, as experienced by many office workers. Well, to fix this it is highly recommended that you do some 10 to 15 minute warm-up movements. This method you can do in the morning or during your break at the office. Apart from overcoming the problem of stretching muscles in the morning it is also useful for nourishing your body.

Using Ice Cubes

The use of ice cubes or more familiarly known as ice cubes has also been proven effective in overcoming cramps. Ice cubes are able to treat muscle cramps because they act as anti-inflammatory or have very effective pain relief properties. You only have to apply an ice cube to the area that feels cramped until the skin is reddish.


Lack of sodium can also be a cause of muscle tension. Now, to fix this you are strongly advised to consume fluids that contain salt or compress the pain using warm water mixed with salt. One of the most effective natural ways to deal with muscle tension that causes pain is by applying warm compresses.

Using Alum and Turmeric

Alum has many functions, not only to solve the problem of body odor, but also to improve blood flow. Meanwhile, turmeric has antiseptic properties that can overcome pain. The two basic ingredients are also the perfect combination for overcoming pain problems in muscles. The method is quite easy, you only need to apply a mixture of turmeric and alum to the area that is experiencing cramps.

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