Half an hour after a meal is the golden period of nourishing your stomach, remember the tips and tricks to help you nourish your stomach for a lifetime!

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Half an hour after a meal is the golden period of nourishing your stomach, remember the tips and tricks to help you nourish your stomach for a lifetime!

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Introduction: As the saying goes: "Fast diet to nourish the stomach, read more to nourish the gallbladder." The stomach is the most important digestive organ in our body. Only by ensuring the health of the stomach can the body provide sufficient nutrients to ensure the digestion and digestion of the body. absorb. Nourishing the stomach is so-called nourishing health. Grab the little coup to help you nourish your stomach easily!

1. Pay attention to half an hour after a meal, seize the golden period, remember the little coup to nourish your stomach, and help you nourish your stomach for a lifetime!

Stick to three practices

1. Breakfast for half an hour: beat the calf, relax the tendons

Half an hour after a meal is the golden period of nourishing the stomach. After each breakfast, you can take time to beat your calf. There is a very important acupuncture point on the human body-Zusanli. Paida this acupoint after meals every day can effectively improve stomach discomfort and promote digestion and absorption of the stomach.

2. Half an hour after lunch: drink some yogurt to promote digestion

Yogurt is one of the common drinks in life. At the same time, it contains a lot of beneficial substances, which can relieve constipation for people with poor gastrointestinal conditions. Drinking yogurt in daily life also has the effect of beautifying the face. Yogurt also contains calcium, which is beneficial to the health of teeth. In addition, yogurt is also very helpful for lowering cholesterol and improving body metabolism.

3. Dinner for half an hour: rub the abdomen, exercise

Frequent massage of the abdomen can promote digestion and improve gastric function. In the case of indigestion, lower abdomen swelling, etc., you can massage the abdomen to adjust it. If you insist on doing it every day, it can significantly improve. It can also promote blood circulation, promote the burning of excess fat in the abdomen, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and improve constipation.

Second, still can't figure out how to nourish the stomach? Don't worry, stick to five steps to nourish your stomach, and nourish your stomach easily!

1. Hericium erinaceus

Hericium erinaceus is a kind of food material rich in minerals and vitamins. Hericium erinaceus nourishes the stomach and nourishes the spleen, promotes digestion, thereby ensuring the normal physiological activities of the stomach. According to the stomach-nourishing snack recipe advocated by the old Chinese doctor, we can drink some Hericium erinaceus and clove edible fungus drinks in our daily life. It is made by mixing Hericium erinaceus and cloves together and extracted by high-pressure and low-temperature extraction. Drink and nourish the stomach is no longer a problem.

2. Do exercise

Exercise not only strengthens the body, but also helps people nourish their stomachs. Exercising more can speed up digestion in the stomach and intestines, and can sweat and expel toxins from the stomach. A good stomach is no longer a problem.

3. Eat less fried food

Fried foods are not easy to digest, which will increase the burden on the digestive tract, cause indigestion, and increase blood lipids.

4. Pay attention to nutritional balance

The three meals should be reasonably matched to ensure the supply of protein from vegetables and fruits. Attention should also be paid to the intake of dietary fiber, amino acids, and vitamins to promote normal digestion and absorption of the stomach.

5. Little expert in nourishing stomach, a cup of nourishing stomach water every day.

According to a recent study by the editor, it is mentioned in the "Huangdi Nei Jing" that the Hericium erinaceus, cloves, sea buckthorn, hawthorn and barley, orange peel, tuckahoe, bergamot, and jujube are mixed together to raise the stomach. The effect of stomach protection can be described as "a higher level." The principle of medicine and food is as follows:

Clove: sweet, contains a variety of eugenol, can inhibit the growth and reproduction of fungi, and resist inflammation.

Jujube: Promote intestinal movement and inhibit gastric acid secretion.

Orange peel: repair the gastric mucosa, warm the stomach and warm the stomach.

Poria: invigorating the spleen and stomach: it can nourish the body and delay aging.

Sea buck thorn: invigorate the spleen, protect the stomach and nourish the stomach.

The steps of making tea bags are very rigorous. There are many small details that need to be paid attention to. If you find it troublesome, you may wish to buy the following tea bags, which can save a lot of trouble and avoid small mistakes in the preparation process. The tea bag follows the principle of the same medicine and food, and its nourishing effect on the stomach is even worse.

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Conclusion: Are you still worrying about feeding your stomach? Still feeling melancholy to nourish your stomach? Now I will help you find the best solution! Remember the little coup for nourishing your stomach, so you don't have to worry about it anymore! But you don’t need to persist every day. Nourishing your stomach needs to be accumulated step by step! Now let’s relax your stomach!
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