5 characteristics of humans who have a high IQ

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

5 characteristics of humans who have a high IQ

Almost everyone who has gone to school must have taken an IQ or Intelligence Quotient test. The IQ test is carried out to determine the level of intelligence and memory of a person through the media of questions in the form of writing or even drawing.
Actually, it's not only IQ that counts, there are EQ and SQ. What is the role of each?

Hyper Brain, Hyper Body: The Trouble With High IQ - Neuroscience News

If likened to a car, then IQ, EQ, and SQ are:

IQ - Intelligence Quotient as an
EQ engine - Emotional Quotient as a wheel
SQ - Spiritual Quotient as a steering wheel

So then everything has an important function so that the car can run. If you only rely on IQ alone, the car will not be able to run because EQ is needed as a wheel. IQ and EQ can go without direction. So the SQ is needed so that the car can run properly.
So, the fact is that the IQ test results are not always correct. It is possible that during the test the person cheated, didn't concentrate, was unwell, and so on. So one way to find out about someone's IQ can be known from their characteristics.
What are some of them?
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