Women have a short life expectancy, and there are 4 "common characteristics". If you don't have one, it means you are in good health

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Women have a short life expectancy, and there are 4 "common characteristics". If you don't have one, it means you are in good health

From ancient times to the present, everyone has hoped that they can live a long life. After all, everything in the world is so beautiful and does not want to leave this beautiful world early. Women in particular have always wanted to be young and beautiful, but with the improvement of living conditions, the pressure of various things in life, some bad habits, and bad diet have caused many women to age prematurely and reduce their life expectancy.

Studies have shown that women live longer than men, because men bear more pressure than women, some bad habits are relatively more than women, and men are not easy to express emotions, so women live longer, but some are longer. Short-lived women generally have 4 characteristics on their bodies, which lead to a shortened lifespan. Come and see, do you have a trick?

1. Stay up often

Young people nowadays especially like to stay up late. Generally, post-90s generations often say, “Whether you sleep, get up?” It’s cool to stay up for a while, but staying up late can bring harm to the back, but it is a lifetime thing, people who often stay up late will not only look ugly , The body will become weak, no amount of expensive cosmetics can make up.

Sleeping at night is the repair of various organs of the human body, in order to make better preparations for the next day, but if you stay up late, the organs are not repaired and they are always at work and may collapse at any time, resulting in a decline in human resistance and various diseases. , The various functions of the body are also weakening, and people will age.

2. Depression

Emotional quality directly affects human health. If you are depressed for a long time, you will lose energy and energy, and it will also affect sleep. Insufficient sleep will affect the balance of hormones in the body. Once the hormones in the body are out of balance, it will also affect sleep. Cause women's menstrual disorders and other gynecological diseases. Gynecological problems occur, and women are more likely to age.

In addition, emotional depression can also cause obesity and increase blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, once your blood pressure is high, it is likely to cause cerebral hemorrhage, which has threatened your life.

3. Heavy moisture

Heavy dampness can cause all kinds of diseases. Nine out of ten people are damp, especially women. Females have a yin physique and are easy to provoke moisture. When you find that your tongue is white, the sides of your tongue are jagged, and stool is easy to stick to the toilet. This is the most common manifestation of humidity, and there are many reasons for humidity, such as long-term staying up late, unhealthy diet, and high life pressure.

Once the humidity increases, the toxins in the human body also increase, the metabolism is also slow, and people are prone to aging. Moreover, women with heavy humidity have difficulty losing weight. The obesity belt is harmful and easily causes cardiovascular disease.

4. Poor resistance

Lack of exercise is the primary cause of poor resistance. Resistance to immunity decreases, and various diseases of the upper body. Once the upper body is ill, the body becomes weaker, people age faster, and life expectancy decreases. Women’s resistance is often higher than Men’s resistance is poor, and women are lazier than men. Women in office workers can sit for a day, have strong endurance, and are not bored, so many women don’t like sports.

In order to be able to see such a beautiful world, cherish what you have now, and see if you have these 4 "common features", and if some, get rid of these bad habits that hurt your body as soon as possible, do more physical exercises, improve your body’s immunity, and maintain A good attitude will not only live longer, but also become more beautiful.

Respiratory Medicine Ding Huizhen

Chief Physician of Department of Respiratory Medicine, Affiliated Hospital of Yangzhou University
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