The great "beach industry" - Do this so you don't leave with an infection!

Saturday, August 22, 2020

The great "beach industry" - Do this so you don't leave with an infection!

When it's summer, the beach, swimming, sunbathing start - and of course the fear of vaginal infection, which we don't talk about very often, although we really should. Many don’t know, but during the summer season, many more women see a doctor with symptoms that can be associated with swimming.

Why can I be sick?

A healthy vagina is home to at least 5-10 microorganisms that also function as protective bastions for our body. The most important actors in women’s intimate health are the so-called Lactobacilli (lactic acid bacteria), which, as their name implies, produce lactic acid. This acidic medium creates an unfavorable condition for the growth of harmful bacteria.

What is the most typical "beach disease"?

Unpleasant bacterial vaginal infection is not caught on the beach, it develops when the normal pH of our vaginal flora changes.

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In summer, many more women see a doctor with symptoms that may be associated with swimming SOURCE: SHUTTERSTOCK

Bacterial vaginosis

The proliferation of harmful bacteria already present in the vagina is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms.

Although bacterial vaginosis is sometimes characterized by redness and itching, it is easily distinguished from Candida infection, i.e., vaginal fungus. The former is characterized by a greyish-white, fishy-smelling vaginal discharge, which in some cases can be so strong that it can be felt through clothing.
It is advisable to consult a specialist as soon as possible, because if not treated properly, bacterial vaginosis can even lead to serious complications.

Is there prevention?

Fortunately, bacterial vaginosis can be avoided, and by consciously changing our bathing habits and using preventative agents, we can prepare for summer infections. Here are some tips:
  • Never sit in shallow water for long periods of time.
  • Do not use towels shared with anyone.
  • After bathing, let's try to change our swimsuit to dry as soon as possible, because bacteria and fungi especially like moist media.
  • During menstruation, try to avoid bathing, but if you still can’t stop, change your tampon after each splash.

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