Missed vaccinations for the coronavirus can bring back diseases that are thought to be gone

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Missed vaccinations for the coronavirus can bring back diseases that are thought to be gone

The epidemic has left several dangerous diseases vaccinated in recent months, which could have serious consequences: it could lead to a return of more serious epidemics, according to the WHO. Measles or even plague can spread again.

The World Health Organization has issued a warning that the lack of vaccinations due to the coronavirus could lead to the spread of diseases that have so far disappeared.
Even plague or measles can break out in countries where severe epidemics have only been overcome for a few years.

The WHO has also published a list of diseases that may return due to missed vaccinations.
• Yellow fever
• typhoid
• hepatitis A (infectious hepatitis)
• hepatitis B (infectious hepatitis)
• Meningococcal meningitis (bacterial meningitis)
• Poliomyelitis (polio)
• Diphtheria
• Tetanus
• Cholera
• tick-borne encephalitis (viral encephalitis)
• Cholera
• Rabies (rabies )
• Mumps
• Measles
• Rubella

These diseases put at least 80 million babies under the age of one at risk due to a lack of vaccination in 68 countries, a measles vaccination campaign in 27 countries and a polio vaccination campaign in 38 countries.
In both poorer and richer regions, children are at risk of failure to protect, and diphtheria, measles and pneumonia are also at risk.
In southern Africa, for example, the number of people infected with malaria has already doubled.

The WHO has indicated that so far there is a shortage of vaccinations in 21 countries due to border crossing restrictions.


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