Do you sleep badly in the summer? These may stand in the background

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Do you sleep badly in the summer? These may be the causes

Many people struggle with sleep problems, even though quality rest is essential for us to be able to perform at work during the day, our memory works well, and ultimately our entire body. During the summer, however, even more factors can make restful sleep more difficult. If we don’t pay attention to these, then in vain we go on vacation, we can just as tiredly return to our jobs.
Infiltrating noisesIn summer, many of us sleep with our windows open as the air finally cools and refreshes at night. But it involves the infiltration of outside noises that disrupt our sleep even if we don’t perceive them so much that we wake up because of them. This is because our brain responds to stimuli even when we are not conscious. Experts say sounds louder than 60 decibels may already be a problem for sleep.
It may therefore be worthwhile to cool the bedroom with air conditioning instead of an open window, or to ventilate it before going to bed. If this is not possible, try to place the bed as far away from the window as possible, or use earplugs.
High temperatureIt is well known that a bedroom that is too hot is not good for sleeping. Research shows that 15.5 to 19.5 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature, and even a survey suggests 18.3 degrees would be absolutely perfect. In summer, however, this is difficult to maintain without air conditioning, which can degrade the quality of sleep.

In summer, the heat can also degrade the quality of sleep SOURCE: SHUTTERSTOCK

Too much light

This problem is also a consequence of the open window, as it is clear for a long time during the summer and the sun rises quickly. Thus, light is filtered through the window, even though the body can only produce the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin in the dark. So it is worth excluding all kinds of light sources for sleep, whether natural or artificial.
Upset sleep rhythmIn the summer, we tend to immerse ourselves in programs that often last until late at night. As a result, our current rhythm of life may be upset, and the number of hours spent sleeping may be reduced. And for a restful sleep, it would also be necessary to always get up and lie down at about the same time. It’s not a problem that the “schedule” sometimes slips, but if we regularly go to rest and get up at a completely different time, it can already upset the body’s biorhythm.
Alcohol consumption
In the summer, many people also drink alcohol in the evening. But in vain does a glass or two of wine help you fall asleep: a few hours later, when your body begins to break down alcohol, this "calming" effect will pass and you will wake up more frequently. In addition, alcohol increases urine output, so you will have to go out several times also to the toilet.

Alcohol consumption can also cause insomnia SOURCE: SHUTTERSTOCK
Alcohol consumption can also cause insomnia SOURCE: SHUTTERSTOCK 

Improper sleepwearIf our pajamas are too thick and therefore too hot, we will not be able to sleep well because we will sweat. For some, however, sleeping naked is a discomfort. It is worth choosing a nightwear that is made of lightweight material and is well ventilated, absorbs sweat.
Polluted airNot only the temperature of the air but also its purity is important for sleep. Indeed, a study found that in areas with higher levels of air pollution, more people report sleep problems. This is due to the fact that not very clean air can irritate the airways more, but some hypothesized that contaminated particles are able to enter the bloodstream and thus affect the sleep-regulating function of the brain.

So in summer, there are plenty of factors that can negatively affect restful sleep. If these are not eliminated, you may want to try herbal preparations. Valerian root contains several ingredients that promote restful sleep and lemongrass has long been famous for its sedative effect, so it can also contribute to a hearty rest.
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