7 things you need to know about guys sexual desires

Saturday, August 22, 2020

7 things you need to know about guys sexual desires

The internet is full of articles about women’s sexual desires. But what about the guys? 

Ladies often talk about what their needs are in bed: they like to be led by the man, but of course not too much because it’s not good. They like the man throwing himself at them as a hungry beast, but also be gentle because women are not only sex dolls but also sentient beings. The man should be a mind reader, but at least understand IS. Familiar? Then now come 7 things that guys hate in bed.

1. Don’t just lie like a corpse in a coffin

Guys also like to feel that the other longs for them. It will increase their self-confidence, they will be much more active and balanced - and so will you.

Grinning Cattle | shows how the male sexual desire | ekabees | Flickr

2. Because to innovate

It is also a misconception that only men have a need for sexual novelties. Women would also like to try things out, but are usually not afraid to tell their partner what they are daydreaming about. Many people prefer to wait for the guy to remember, which then either succeeds or doesn’t.

3. Dare to control

There are men - not a few - who specifically like to have blood in your pussy to take control. Of course, proportions are very important, as sex is really good when everyone can unfold. But if you just feel like you’re doing things differently than your partner, get over it and show your desires.

4. Don't play yourself

Believe it or not, more and more guys are recognizing women’s pretensions. Too loud moans are just as suspicious as spectacular silence. If something goes well, feel free to point it out, but also if you might not. For so many people, so many habits, communication is not a sin - in fact, it is one of the most important pillars of a happy sex life.
Don't pretend to orgasm! SOURCE: SHUTTERSTOCK

5. Remember to stay a woman 

Many people make the mistake that the act is almost not over, they are already chatting about what recipe they have read on the net, where their favorite makeup brand will be on sale, or what shoes the kid looked like. Don’t spoil the moment, stretch your sense of intimacy for as long as you can.

6. Guys also need a kiss

It’s not true that guys don’t like to kiss. Again, this is something of a stereotypical attachment like the fact that guys don’t cry. The need to kiss does not depend on whether we are talking about a man or a woman. It can vary from individual to individual, so don’t treat a guy from the edge like you’re running away from a passionate kiss.

7. It’s not just you who love pampering 

The foreplay is also not just for women. Yes, it's just like kissing. Many live in the misconception that men have no need to caress, hug, touch. They just start thinking about sex and all of a sudden everything starts. Of course, this is the case, but that does not mean that it should be considered fundamental. Work for the man to yearn for you, for your mere existence will not make you happy forever.
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