Swimming Two Hours Can Make You Suffer From "Swimming Shoulders"

Thursday, July 2, 2020

In order to make a handsome appearance at the wedding, 30-year-old prospective bridegroom Mr. Li decided to blitz weight loss and went to the swimming pool for two hours a day. Unexpectedly, his shoulder was hurt too hard and his arm could not be lifted. So quickly came to the Wuhan Central Hospital for treatment. After examination, he was diagnosed as "swim shoulder", that is, rotator cuff injury.

30% of swimmers encounter swimming shoulders

  Clinical investigations show that in the past 9 years, 30% of swimmers have suffered from "swim shoulders" due to improper warm-up. Swimming shoulder, medically called "shoulder joint impact syndrome", is mainly due to the rotation and abduction of the upper arm during swimming, which generates a lot of pressure on the shoulder, and excessive movement leads to injury of the shoulder joint tendon. Excessive exercise time and excessive exercise intensity can easily cause this symptom. Freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and other "stretched shoulders" strokes are more likely to cause "swim shoulders". Medical experts suggest that one is to fully stretch the ligament before going into the water, and the time should be no less than 10 minutes; the other is that swimming exercises should be done gradually, each increase in the amount of swimming should not be too large, 20% of the previous training It is better to be within; three is the shoulder pain should not be continued, if you have not recovered after a few days of rest, you should go to the doctor in time.

How to prevent swimming shoulders problem?

  It is recommended that you do warm-up exercises before swimming. You can do several push-ups, jog or swing your legs. The warm-up time should last at least 10 minutes. When swimming, pay attention to maintaining correct posture, the body is in a flat floating state, the body is relaxed, the movements are stretched, the coordination of hand and foot movements is in place, the swimming speed is balanced, and it should not be too fast or too fast. To control the swimming time reasonably, the longest time should not exceed one hour. If you feel shoulder discomfort, you should stop swimming in time and go ashore to rest. If the symptoms are serious, go to the hospital in time. (Comprehensively from Chutian Golden News, Xinhuanet, Health News)
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