Remind: In winter, pay attention to these safety hazards around you!

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Remind: In winter, pay attention to these safety hazards around you!

Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter

In the cold winter, down jackets, hot water bottles, electric blankets, bath fighters, etc. have made their debut. However, these people often come into contact with each other in winter, and behind them there are hidden factors that may cause danger. What are their security risks? How can everyone avoid it?


  Winter is cold. Many people like to use Yuba when taking a bath, but due to improper use, safety accidents such as burns to eyes and fires are endless. So, what should you pay attention to when using Yuba?

  1. Regularly overhaul the circuit to prevent Yuba from working for a long time. It is forbidden that the power supply and voltage do not match the rated power and voltage of Yuba to prevent short circuit and fire.

  2. After using the Yuba, turn off the switch and unplug it to prevent the motor from deteriorating due to moisture, which may cause a fire or electric shock.

  3. Yuba's light source is very strong, so you can't look directly or stay in strong light for a long time, otherwise the eyes are easily burned. In severe cases, the bright light may burn the macular on the retina. Once the macular is injured, the visual damage will be irreparable There is even a risk of blindness.

Down Jacket

  In the cold winter, down jackets are warm to wear, but they are cumbersome to wash. Therefore, many people will wash down jackets with a washing machine, but they do not know that this may cause an explosion. Why does a washing machine blast down? How to wash down jacket?

  The cavity in the middle of the down jacket is large, it is easy to wrap gas, and the fabric is dense and difficult to breathe. When the washing machine is dehydrated, the down force in a short time will cause the down jacket to swell like a balloon. If a dehydration vibration force is applied to squeeze it at this time, it may cause an explosion.
  The best way to wash down jackets is to wash them by hand. Before cleaning, you can soak the down jackets for about 20 minutes with cold water, then squeeze out the water, put them in warm water with a neutral detergent and a water temperature of about 30 degrees, and soak for 10 to 15 minutes. In the process, do not rub, just brush with a soft bristle brush or toothbrush. After brushing, do not twist the clothes into a "twist", but press down along the clothes to remove the water. After washing, do not put the down jacket When exposed to the sun, it is best to dry it in a cool and ventilated place. The down jacket is usually flat after washing and drying. At this time, the down jacket is beaten with a hanger to restore its fluffy feel.

Electric Blanket

  Electric blankets have been energized for too long, damp, damaged heating elements, unqualified quality, etc. may cause potential safety hazards, resulting in fires. When using electric blankets, pay attention to these matters:

  1. Do not fold or fold as much as possible, do not use it for a long time, and try not to pile up sundries or accumulated heat on the electric blanket.

  2. Don't lay the electric blanket on the bed with greater elasticity or stretchability, because if the stretchability is large, it will cause the electric blanket to bend and break the resistance wire, so it is easy to leak electricity and accumulate heat.

  3. According to national standards, the service life of electric blankets is 6 years, and the 6-year life should be calculated from the date of production of electric blankets.

  Hot water bottle

  After a person enters deep sleep, the skin is not sensitive to temperature. If the hot water bottle is stuck on the skin for a long time and does not change position, it is easy to cause "low temperature burns". The blisters that appear from burns will ulcer if not handled properly, even for a long time. Heal. There are a few things to keep in mind when using a hot water bottle properly:

  1. If it is a hot water bottle with boiling water, pay attention to the water temperature not to be too hot, be sure to tighten the cover, it is best to put a protective cover on the outside of the hot water bottle to prevent the water from running out and burns.

  2. If it is an electric hot water bottle, do not use it in the charging state. After the charging and heating, you must cut off the power in time.

  3. It is best to put the hot water bottle in the quilt before going to bed, and take it out while sleeping. Also, the hot water bottle should be placed as close as 10 cm to the feet, not on the feet.

  4. In addition, infants, children with thermal sensation, or those who cannot take care of themselves are strictly prohibited from using hot water bottles to avoid "low temperature burns".
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