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Thursday, July 2, 2020

People with gout have six major taboos and misunderstandings

People with gout have six major taboos and misunderstandings

People with gout have six major taboos and misunderstandings
People with gout have six major taboos and misunderstandings

Whether it is high blood uric acid or gout has been diagnosed, it is inevitable to quit, but many people have quit! There is a connection between hyperuricemia and gout, but they are not exactly the same, so when it comes to eating, they have both the same precautions and different requirements.

Six Gout Diet Mistakes

Myth #1: Do not eat high purine, eat low in purine   

People with high blood uric acid and gout may all know a "guideline" for eating—do not eat high purine, and eat more low purine. But in fact, this "standard" is not so accurate.

01 These "high purine" foods can be eaten! 

Meat and organs with high purine content should be eaten less or not. However, vegetables with high purine content (lettuce, spinach, mushrooms, cauliflower, etc.), beans and soy products can be eaten!
  Studies have shown that although these things are high in plant purines, they have no obvious correlation with hyperuricemia and gout attacks. Fresh vegetables and rich vitamins can promote blood circulation and facilitate uric acid excretion, so vitamins (especially B vitamins and vitamin C) must be adequate in the foods that hyperuricemia and gout patients eat every day.
  Some experts did a comparative study between those who ate more of these vegetables and those who ate less or even not, and found that the group with the highest plant purine intake reduced the risk of gout by 27% compared with the lowest group. But don’t misunderstand, and you can’t hope that eating vegetables will relieve gout.
  In fact, regarding the diet of patients with high uric acid and gout, the two most controversial dishes are soy products and mushrooms, but in fact, except for patients with renal insufficiency, people with high blood uric acid and gout can eat tofu, not only Tofu, bean sprouts, soy milk, mung beans can be eaten.
  First of all, the content of purine in tofu and soy milk is far worse than that of pork liver and hair belly. Secondly, it is not a meal. Every dish is soy products, and a small amount is generally not a problem. In contrast, the cooking method should be particular. We recommend that people with high blood uric acid or gout can make tofu into cabbage stewed tofu, Mapo tofu, tofu brain, etc.
  In addition, regardless of mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, people with high blood uric acid and gout can eat, but it is recommended to eat fresh mushrooms less purine, and it is recommended to choose more boiled, less oil fried method is healthier.

02 These low purine foods, eat less 

For people with high blood uric acid and gout, foods that are not low in purine are better! Fruits are rich in potassium and vitamin C, which can reduce the risk of gout attacks. However, some very sweet fruits, honey, and beverages are low-purine foods, but they are high in fructose. It is not recommended for gout people to eat more. Fructose can be simply understood as a type of "sugar". Current research has found that excessive intake of fructose will affect blood uric acid levels, which not only can accelerate the production of uric acid, increase blood uric acid, but also reduce the excretion of uric acid.

Myth #2: Can’t drink beer, you can drink liquor  

High blood uric acid is not to quit beer, but to quit drinking! Whether it is white wine, red wine, yellow wine, sparkling wine, any wine must be quit! Because no matter what kind of wine, there is ethanol in it, ethanol metabolism can not only increase the concentration of lactic acid and inhibit the excretion of uric acid by the kidney, but also promote the decomposition of purine and increase uric acid.
  If we compare several kinds of wines that we drink frequently, the purine content of canned rice wine that has been stored for many years is actually the highest, followed by beer, and liquor is only a relatively low one. No matter what kind of wine, as long as it is produced with ethanol, no matter how low the purine is, it is also the tallest child in the dwarf. It will affect the excretion of uric acid and increase the decomposition of purine, so don’t believe people with high blood uric acid and gout. You can still drink other beer without drinking beer!

Myth #3: Drink water when you are thirsty   

People with normal heart and kidney function and hyperuricemia or gout need to maintain the body's water, so drink plenty of water, drink about 2000ml of plain water/purified water/mineral water every day, and maintain a daily urine output of 2000~3000 ml.
  In addition, it is also possible to drink light tea. There have been rumors that drinking more tea can reduce the content of uric acid in the blood, thereby reducing the risk of gout, but there is no conclusion yet.

People with gout have six major taboos and misunderstandings
Gout Diet Mistakes

Myth #4: weight control by dieting to lose weight

It is needless to say that fat people have a higher risk of gout, but they cannot lose weight by dieting, because unreasonable dieting and exercise will increase uric acid.
  In nutrition clinics, patients often lose weight and their uric acid increases. This is because when the person is exhausted and hungry, the body will use the accumulated fat to generate heat for the body's activities, and the ketone body produced by the decomposition of fat hinders the excretion of blood uric acid, indirectly increasing the blood uric acid level.
  Therefore, weight loss is right, but weight loss by dieting is absolutely wrong!

Myth #5: Smoking has no effect on gout   

Some people think that there is well water between smoking and gout that does not violate river water, but this is not the case. The 2016 gout diagnosis and treatment guidelines indicate that people who smoke have a 35% higher chance of having gout/hyperuricemia than normal people.

Myth #6: Excessive strenuous exercise   

First of all, gout patients are not suitable for strenuous exercise, because unreasonable exercise will induce gout; secondly, regular and moderate exercise can reduce the number of gout attacks, and people with high blood uric acid should adhere to moderate exercise. It is recommended to perform at least 150 minutes (30 minutes/day×5 days/week) of moderate-intensity “aerobic exercise with a heart rate during exercise (220-age)×(50%~70%)” every week.

3 points to remember Gout acute attack     

The key to reducing the acute attack of gout is: keep your mouth shut! Mainly remember the following 3 points:
  1. Replenish high-quality protein with milk and chicken protein, do not eat fatty meat and animal offal, choose lean meat with low purine content, and determine how much meat to eat under the guidance of a doctor or nutritionist according to the severity of the disease!
  2. Don't drink all the soup! (Including light fish soup)
  3. Light diet.
If you think these three points are somewhat abstract, then give another real example-
During the acute attack of gout, you need to strictly control your diet in the short term. You can refer to each meal: eggs + milk + steamed buns 1.5 + low-purine vegetables 150g. Anyway, the total purine should be within 150mg, the energy is 1500kcal ~ 1600kcal, and the protein is about 72g, so that it will not be hungry, but also meet the needs of the body's rehabilitation, and does not increase the burden of purine on the body.
It should be noted that for some patients with hyperuricemia or gout, according to these points to manage the mouth, the relief of gout symptoms may also be limited.
So first of all, go to the hospital to confirm what is the cause of hyperuricemia/gout, and find the cause before you can treat it; secondly, taking care of your mouth is only to control the progress of the disease, please take the medicine as required by the doctor, and review it carefully; finally Gout can not be cured at present, but as long as the uric acid level is controlled, the condition can be improved.

Expert in this article: Hu Wen Professor, Department of Clinical Nutrition, West China Hospital, Sichuan University

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