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Thursday, July 2, 2020

How to protect your health during summer? Eat this summer diet!

Editor's note: Since June, the north has been "roasted" and the high temperatures in North Hemisphere and other places have not retreated. In the face of high temperature weather, how should we do health protection?

  Outdoor activities- Avoid the hottest hours

  Adjust your schedule based on high temperature weather, and avoid outdoor activities during the day when the temperature is the highest. Take the necessary sun protection measures when going out, try to wear sunglasses, sun hats or umbrellas, and wear breathable and heat dissipating cotton and linen fabrics.

 Sufficient sleep

  Adequate sleep can relax the brain and body systems. Be careful not to lie under the air outlet and electric fan of the air conditioner to avoid suffering from air conditioning disease and fever.
  However, it should be noted that the nap time should not be too long. If the nap time is too long, the central nervous system will deepen the inhibition, and the relatively reduced blood flow in the brain slows down the metabolic process, causing the body to be uncomfortable and more sleepy after waking up.

 Appropriate supplement of light salt (sugar) water

  Drink plenty of water, but should not drink arrogantly after being thirsty. You should add some light salt (sugar) water properly, because too much salt is lost in the body after a lot of sweating. Failure to add salt in time will easily cause the electrolyte ratio in the body to be imbalanced, leading to metabolic disorders. You can add some warm water, mung bean soup or electrolyte-containing beverages.

 Light diet

  Eat less high-fat foods, and try to eat a light diet. Foods that are not easily digested will put extra burden on the body. However, it should be noted that the human body needs to intake enough calories in a high-temperature environment, and sufficient protein intake should be ensured. In addition, you can eat more fruits and vegetables. Do not overeat cold drinks.

 Avoid "fast cooling" after heating

  Some people like to turn on the air conditioner, electric fan or take a cold bath immediately after leaving the high temperature environment, but this will quickly close the pores of the whole body, but it is difficult to dissipate the heat in the body, and it will cause insufficient blood supply to the brain due to the rapid contraction of blood vessels in the brain. In particular, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not be too large. When using air conditioning, it is recommended that the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not exceed 5 degrees. Even if the weather is hot again, the indoor temperature of the air conditioner should not be below 24 degrees.

 How to deal with heat stroke in hot weather

  From 0 o'clock on June 6, the second-level emergency response to major public health emergencies in Beijing was lowered to three levels. Masks may not be worn in well ventilated areas outdoors, but masks should be worn when entering indoors, especially in crowded areas, for self-protection.

  Once someone around has heatstroke, the patient should be moved to a cool place and kept ventilated; remove the mask, unbutton the clothing button, and use various methods to help the body to dissipate heat; take Huoxiangzhengqi and other heat-relieving drugs appropriately, and try to press the person Acupoints and other methods help to restore consciousness. If the symptoms are not alleviated, you should call a rescue phone immediately.

 Tips: In summer, eat seasonal fruits for health

  Cherries: Cherries are rich in protein, carotene, sugar, phosphorus, vitamin C, vitamin A and other rich nutrients. The iron content per 100 grams of cherries is as high as 59 mg, ranking first in fruit, with anti-anemia, Qufeng Shengshi, Prevent measles and other health effects.

  Bayberry: Bayberry is rich in southern my country and is called "Agate in Fruit". It is known as "the first doubt is worth a lot of gold". The fruit of bayberry is bright in color, rich in juice, sweet and sour, delicious, and appetizing. The various nutrients contained in it can also play the role of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, anti-cancer and anti-cancer, beauty and weight loss.

  Mulberry: In the early summer, the purple-red mulberries, which are gathered in threes and fives, are very attractive. As early as more than two thousand years ago, mulberry was already a tonic for the Chinese emperor, also known as "folk sacred fruit". Not only is it rich in nutrients, but also has high medicinal value, nourishing yin and nourishing blood, nourishing yin and nourishing the liver, clearing the liver and brightening the liver Eyes, laxative. Modern studies have shown that mulberries are rich in sugars, organic acids, vitamins, minerals, etc., and have health-care effects such as immune regulation, anti-aging, blood sugar lowering, and blood lipids.

  Litchi: "One rides the red dust concubine and laughs. No one knows that it is from lychee." Litchi is a delicious Lingnan summer fruit that is as sweet as honey. Litchi is warm in nature, has the effects of nourishing the spleen and liver, stimulating thirst and thirst, detoxifying and diarrhea. It can also promote cell production and make the skin delicate. It is an ideal fruit for detoxification and beauty. Eating lychees often makes people feel comfortable, but excessive consumption can cause overheating. Because mangosteen can reduce fire and nourish yin, there are often ways to eat litchi with mangosteen in Lingnan.

  Loquat: "In May Jiangnan is green, and spring silkworms are old yellow loquat." Loquat has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs, coughing and reducing phlegm. Fruits with orange peel, intact fur (back of ears), large and symmetrical fruits should be selected so that they taste good.

  Watermelon: Watermelon is the most distinctive summer fruit. It has been known as "natural white tiger soup" since ancient times. There is also the saying that "you eat watermelon in summer, you don't need to catch medicine". Eating watermelon is particularly seasonal, not only can it supplement water, but also increase nutrition. But it is not advisable to eat too much at once, otherwise it will easily hurt the spleen and stomach.

  Lemon: Lemon rich in vitamins, minerals, citric acid and fiber, is a holy product for summer heat and beauty. Lemon peel is rich in aromatic volatile components, can rejuvenate, relieve spleen and appetite, help sterilization and digestion. Drink a glass of lemonade in summer, the refreshing and sour taste will refresh your mind and open your appetite. (People's Health Network comprehensively from Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, China Women's News)

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Ayurvedic Natural Herbal Medicinal Health Treatment Methods without side effects. This blog is related to health, fitness, wellness, Alternative Medicines and leading a disease free lifestyle. It gives in depth info and knowledge about how to remain healthy all your life without taking medicines and non invasive treatment methods.



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