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Saturday, April 25, 2020

What is middle-aged syndrome?

What is middle-aged syndrome?

Females between 45 and 55 years old, and men between 50 and 60 years old. During this age period, ordinary people will have some changes due to changes in physiology and psychology. The more serious people will develop diseases and affect the lives of patients. Work has brought a lot of influence. The "middle-aged crisis" that we often say is manifested as increasing psychological problems. In severe cases, patients cannot work and live normally, and even affect the physical and mental health of patients. Therefore, we must pay attention to this. Treatment of diseases. The health channel "Medical Psychology" series "Sound of the Heart" of the Health Channel of the Central Radio and Television Network invited Beijing Honglongguan Hospital Liang Hong to answer your questions about middle-aged syndrome.

What is middle-aged syndrome?

  The "middle-aged crisis" as it is commonly called. Psychologically refers to the second half of middle age, that is, the middle and even late stages of middle age, resulting in physical and behavioral maladjustment and psychological imbalance. For example: a person's body is no longer as strong as in the past, and often has some feelings of fatigue and overdraft; due to fatigue backlogs throughout the year, fatigue syndrome is formed, and symptoms such as weakness, physical discomfort, and insufficient energy appear.
  Among them, a typical sign is that you can't see clearly and you need to wear reading glasses. This is difficult for many people to accept, and it is inevitable that they will feel lost and feel helpless and helpless.
  Patients are also accompanied by psychological contradictions. The career is on the rise, but the changes that have been brought to my body due to the changes of time can no longer bear the burden. Some people may be in the career climbing period, and suddenly find that they can no longer climb up, forming a "ceiling effect", can no longer share more energy, physical strength, at this time will find that they are no longer young.

Life pressure is the cause of the "middle-aged crisis"

The social environment is the objective factor that causes the "middle-aged crisis"
  In the family and society, the status of middle-aged people is challenged, and some jobs are replaced by young people. This change has disrupted their long-established habits. For example, in the past when productivity was underdeveloped or mechanization was imperfect, we all said "master", the older the person, the more valuable; but now in the electronic age, middle-aged people have less ability to learn new things than younger ones, such as using intelligence Mobile phones, WeChat, many middle-aged and elderly people will find it cumbersome and so on. They will think that they need to learn a lot of new things, which will have a great impact and challenge on their psychology. In addition, when young people are full of energy in their careers to climb the peak of their careers, they will find it difficult to reach a peak when they are middle-aged, which will make people feel frustrated and contradictory, resulting in emotions such as anxiety, tension and inferiority.
Life pressure is the cause of the "middle-aged crisis"
  First of all, in addition to a sense of crisis beyond career, lack of goals, lack of time, and lack of energy, facing the dilemma of family and career at all times, anxiety and depression are generated, which are all caused by too much pressure on middle-aged people. ; Not only "there are old and the old are small," both responsibilities need to be shouldered, and at the same time to ensure their own high quality of life, so the economic pressure of middle-aged people is not small. In addition, modern people have a late childbearing period, which increases the burden of childcare during middle age.
  Secondly, marriage is also one of the causes of crisis for middle-aged people. Many freshness in marriage has receded. At this time, many marriage problems are faced. For example, your other half may have other closer emotional partners, and even There will be a one-night stand, or physical derailment, etc. At this time, facing an emotional crisis, it is also a great hit for middle-aged people.
  Since childhood, family members have said that they must work hard and realize their ideals, but when many people find that external material cannot be transformed into inner meaning or belief, they will have some crises in self-trust, such as anger The emotions that are directed towards the interior of the body are aggressive, so when emotions are contained in the heart, they cannot be expressed in words, which leads to physical diseases. Many physical diseases are a high stage in middle age.

The formation of mental illness is related to genetic factors

The formation of mental illness is related to genetic factors
  Genetic factors are a very important cause of mental illness. People's psychology continues to develop in the middle age. It is easier to find out early in the body or physically. For example, a woman may face menopause. In fact, it is due to her body hormones. If you change a lot, you will feel uncomfortable with the change, and you will easily lose your temper or change your personality. At the same time, the body appears signs of aging: irregular menstruation, insomnia, night sweats, palpitations, osteoporosis and other symptoms. Many times she will blame herself when she loses her temper, but if there is no better way to ease her emotions, or face her emotions, she will lose her temper for no reason.
  In addition, there are some people who feel helpless. For example, some people find it boring and uninteresting. I feel that I have to have a car, a house, a child, etc. for all my life. Suddenly I find out why I am not happy He will feel particularly embarrassed. At this time, he may be more prone to some emotional anxiety or depression, which is a more common state in middle-aged people. In fact, with the development of the times, it is found that some people have entered the "middle-aged crisis" in advance in their 30s, and there are also prerequisites or delays. The period of the entire middle-aged crisis is prolonged. The situation is closely related to the way you face stress.
Patients with mental illness should pay attention to avoid recurrence during menopause
  The psychological problems of adolescents are also very big problems. It has the characteristics of its stages in the development process, but it is difficult to distinguish whether the disease is caused by the disease or the characteristics of adolescence. It also has this characteristic during middle age. If you have had psychological problems in adolescence or adulthood, then he has reached middle age, especially during menopause. The hormones in the body have changed a lot, so he should pay attention to it because psychological diseases are prone to have Some triggering factors, especially changes in hormones in the body, may cause relapses. The recurrence may be different from before. For example, some characteristics of menopause, such as anxiety, nagging, despair, etc., will be used, and some people will take some extreme measures, such as suicide.
  In outpatient clinics, we often tell patients that this is a mental illness. We will only say that you have a mental illness unless it is particularly serious, such as a severe schizophrenia. In fact, in terms of professionalism, we equate mental disorders with mental disorders. As we usually see, they are beaten and noisy, talk in disorder, and attack people who are out of control. The proportion of such serious diseases is quite low. Most of them are related to mood, such as depression, anxiety, alcohol dependence, etc., but we often give people hope, we will tell the patient that this is a psychological problem, so that the person's acceptance of their illness will be higher. Our job is to eliminate discrimination and give hope to patients.

How to treat middle-aged syndrome?

  If the patient has a history of mental illness at a young age and has recurrent episodes after middle age, it is recommended that the patient must use a combination of medication and psychotherapy. If it is purely a problem that occurs during menopause, such as a woman's menopausal depression, menopause anxiety, etc., this situation requires the support, understanding and tolerance of her family, so that she can slowly and smoothly go through menopause. There are some symptoms. Seriously, if it has affected her relationship with her family and those around her, and when it affects her work, it is still recommended to use drugs for short-term adjustments. In addition, when confronted with conflict, frustration, and excessive mental stress, be good at self-regulation and maintain psychological balance.

Everyone has psychological problems

  First of all, how to look at middle age, middle age has brought us inconvenience and pressure. Every one of us in the society, we must bear the pressure of social, psychological and surrounding environment. So in the middle-aged crisis, the most important thing is how to look at this problem. If you think middle-aged must be bad for me, then you will panic and dislike it, and you will want to drive it away. But if it is regarded as an inevitable development stage in the growth process, we try to accept, accept the degradation of physical function, and debug ourselves in time. We will find that middle-aged people are very wise, and middle-aged people are the backbone of the family. Role, they are also a very important and integral part of society.
  Secondly, the middle-aged person is more reluctant. He is not as pretentious as the young man. The middle-aged person only needs to learn to do what he can, and appropriately evaluate his own physical and psychological endurance. Change must be open to acceptance, adjust your goals according to the actual situation, and examine yourself in a timely manner. What kind of life I have lived in before, what kind of regrets in my life, and what is worthy of my experience, I How can I live better in my limited life in the future? I need to look back and start before learning in some important periods of life.

Liang Hong: Family care and love are important for mental health

  I think the most important thing for the people around is to tolerate them. Many people have worked hard in the first half of their lives. They do n’t have time for themselves, all for their families, their children, and their parents and elders. , I feel useless. Faced with this situation, middle-aged people should maintain a positive and optimistic mood, fully understand themselves, accept reality, and at the same time focus on the family and experience the joy of family life. Create conditions for children to let them do it.
  In addition, troubles at work should be communicated with family members in a timely manner to gain their understanding and support. Facts show that mutual care and love between family members is very important to a person's mental health.

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