Want to Safely Overcome Dehydration? Get to know the symptoms well

Monday, April 27, 2020

Want to Safely Overcome Dehydration? Get to know the symptoms...

One important thing that must be brought when climbing a mountain is water. Yes of course water is needed by the body to stay strong when climbing mountains. Why bring water when climbing? Because usually not all mountain climbing routes are close to water sources. If it's not water, the possibility of survival is very low because we can get dehydrated.
If you hear the word dehydration, what do you imagine? Creepy must have crossed your mind. Another dangerous word that can describe it. That is very reasonable because dehydration does have the risk of saving lives if not handled properly.

But did you really know that dehydration can be overcome easily, namely ensuring proper intake of fluids into the body. Therefore consuming lots of Aqua mineral water is the right step when dehydration approaches. But if it's too late, that's what is dangerous, then knowing the symptoms of dehydration well is a must.

1. Thirst

The initial characteristic of dehydration is thirst. When thirst arises it means that the amount of fluid in the body decreases. Which means that the fluid intake is not balanced with that issued. So drink plenty of water immediately when thirst comes.

2. Urine produced is reduced

Another feature that shows symptoms of dehydration is the reduced amount of urine volume. Pay attention if you urinate, if you have less urine than usual, that means you are dehydrated. Even though you feel fine, it would be nice for you to immediately consume lots of water.

3. The color of urine is more concentrated

Another feature that shows symptoms of dehydration is the color of urine that is thicker or darker than usual. This means the urine concentration becomes higher, where the amount of fluid is not balanced with the amount of residual metabolism released.

4. Dry lips

Other characteristics that show symptoms of dehydration are dry lips or in certain conditions even peeling. That means your body fluids are greatly reduced. In this condition, in addition to consuming lots of water, using lip balm becomes a solution.

If some of the symptoms of dehydration occur, make sure you consume lots of water immediately. Consuming Aqua mineral water is one surefire way to deal with dehydration. Because Aqua contains a natural share with natural freshness that comes from mountain springs.

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