5 projects to make Kovid-19 vaccine in the world, these 5 countries reached clinical trials

Saturday, April 25, 2020
150 projects running to make Covid-19 vaccine in the world, these 5 countries reached clinical trials

After China, America, Israel, now the name of Britain and Germany has also been added. Here too, its clinical test has started with the claim of making Corona's vaccine.

London. Some countries have reached its second phase in the worldwide campaign to make Corona virus vaccine. After China, America, Israel, now Britain and Germany have also been named. Britain has also started testing its corona vaccine after claiming to make Corona. According to AFP, this vaccine is being tested at Oxford University, UK. Let us tell you that the researchers making this vaccine will do a clinical test for about a month. For this, more than five thousand people will be tested in 200 UK hospitals.

Researchers hope that this vaccine named ChAdOx1 nCov-19 will be successful in up to 80 percent of corona patients. The scientists associated with this are also saying this because the test of this vaccine on animals has been successful. Because of this, the team making this vaccine is very excited about it. Let us tell you that around 150 projects are underway to make vaccines of this virus all over the world, but only 5 countries have got permission for clinical trials.

Research director Professor Sarah Gilbert claims that this vaccine has no side effects. Sara hopes that by June the initial results of this vaccine will be revealed to her. If these results are successful, one million vaccines will be prepared by September this year. It will be divided rapidly after approval from the government and other departments. Scientists say that if this vaccine survives on the patients of Corona according to their expectation, then the world will get a panacea treatment to stop the spread of this virus as well as eliminate it. Let us also tell you here that scientists have used a virus found in chimpanzee to make this vaccine.

Oxford University also says that this vaccine can be prepared in six months. The reason for this is that scientists are assuming the similarity of the corona virus and the earlier SARS. Vaccines prepared by Biontech and American company Pfizer in Germany were also found to be tested on humans on Wednesday. The German company will feed 200 volunteers between 18 and 55 years in the first phase. In the first phase of clinical trials, 510 volunteers aged 18 to 55 years have been given this dose. It is worth noting that the Director General of the World Health Organization has been constantly talking about making vaccines and coming together for this. Recently, he had said that this problem cannot be overcome without vaccine.

It is worth noting that earlier, the Military Medical Sciences Academy of China-Cancino Bio has started testing from March 16. In addition, the US company Moderna has started testing the vaccine with the US National Institutes of Health from March 15. American Lab Invio Pharmaceuticals has started clinical trials of vaccine on 6 April. Israeli company Migwax is scheduled to begin trial of Kovid-19 vaccine in early May. Earlier, this company has made the drug for Infectious Bronchitis virus. According to its director of research, Professor Imat Shalit, the trial will be of six to nine months.

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