Cockroach milk, the latest (and most shocking) in the world of beauty

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Cockroach milk, the latest (and most shocking) in the world of beauty

Natural medicine

Many of the beauty rituals we carry out today come from the ancient world. For example, the use of rose water as a facial tonic was already used in Ancient Egypt by Cleopatra, to whom we owe other treatments such as honey masks or milk bath as a resource to keep our skin shiny and soft. This only shows that many of the novelties that appear in the market are not such a thing, something that can be extended to other areas. But not only do we live on ancient remedies, but technological advances in the field of research have allowed us to discover new properties in elements that we never thought they would have. As César would say, the ally of the beautiful Cleopatra, alea iacta est , locution pronounced during the Saturnalia celebrations , and we are already exposed to the latest beauty treatments: cockroach milk.

For a couple of years, cockroach milk has been talked about as one of the foods of the future . This is the result of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) warning that it is necessary to start including insects in our diets in order to alleviate the incipient famine that is developing in the 21st century in each More places on the planet. Considered as delicacies in some cultures, insects have not yet arrived in the West in the form of food although they will not take long to do so. In the case of cockroaches, this new research route as a possible food is mainly due to the fact that Diploptera punctata milk has four times more protein value than cow's milk. Convinced that it will be a revolutionary product as food, researchers have gone more and cockroaches have reached the cosmetic sector.

How can the consumption of cockroach milk aesthetically benefit us? Well, specifically it helps to have radiant hair and healthier and stronger nails. How? To be able to wear a silky, shiny hair that removes the hiccups as well as strong and seamless nails we need our body to stock up on certain nutrients, such as proteins and fats. As we told you, cockroach milk has four times more protein than cow's milk in addition to a large amount of fat, so it would be positioned as a recommended drink in all beauty treatments related to hair and nail care.

Sounds disgusting to wake up in the morning and have a good glass of cold cockroach milk for breakfast, but weirder things have been seen. An example of the closest are snails, which in addition to being a delicacy of French cuisine, the drool they leave behind helps eliminate stretch marks, scars and wrinkles . Something similar to what you get with the snake venom that we have already talked about .

The question now is, how do you get cockroach milk? The first thing we must make clear is that it is not a milk as we imagine it but a liquid that the cockroach secretes and becomes part of the organism of the breeding. It seems logical to think that, given that cockroaches are insects associated with dirty places and in poor health conditions, this liquid cannot be consumed directly without being treated since it could be toxic to the human organism. That is why researchers are now working on isolating the protein crystal gene from this liquid to recreate it artificially in a laboratory.

If everything goes well and finally the research pays off, we will have to add the intake of cockroach milk to our beauty routine . Everything is for a mane worthy of announcement.
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