Very easy ways to remove unwanted warts

Wednesday, September 25, 2019
House Call Doctor : 4 Common Ways to Get Rid of Warts :: Quick and ...

Usually the warts on the neck, hands, back and other parts of the body may not be troublesome, but they look very ugly. Come, know that there are some home remedies to remove these warts. 
1)  Mix equal quantity of baking soda and castor oil and use it to eliminate moles gradually.

2)  The juice of banyan leaves is very effective for treating warts. By applying its juice on the skin, the skin becomes benign and the warts fall on their own.
3)  Peel the potato and rub its cleft on the warts, the warts disappear.
4)  Make a paste by grinding green coriander and apply it on moles daily. 
5)  Mash fresh figs and apply some amount of it on the wart. Leave it for 30 minutes. Then wash it with lukewarm water. Warts will be over.
6)  Take out sour apple juice. Apply to the wart at least three times a day. The warts will fall slowly.
7) Wash face thoroughly and soak cotton in vinegar and apply on sesame-moles. After ten minutes wash the face with warm water. The warts will disappear in a few days. 
8)  You can also use gels of aloe vera to get rid of warts quickly. 
9)  Apply raw garlic on moles and tie it on it and leave it for a week. After opening the bandage after one week, you will find that the warts have disappeared.
10)  Rubbing onion regularly on the warts also makes the warts disappear.
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