Simple Home Remedies for Tummy Fat Trimming

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Obesity, the Growing Health Concern in India and the Need to ...

Obesity at a young age is a problem that many young people suffer from. Many diseases can surround the body due to obesity. Most people do not pay attention to increasing obesity in the beginning, but when obesity increases too much, they sweat for hours to reduce it. Improvement in diet is necessary to reduce obesity. There are some natural things, whose intake keeps weight under control. That is why if you are not able to work very hard to lose weight, then follow the small remedies mentioned below. These will reduce your increasing weight.
  • - Vegetables and fruits are low in calories, so eat more of them. Do not eat bananas and chiku. They increase obesity.
  • - By adding mint to tea, drinking reduces obesity.
  • - Eat a tomato and onion salad with pepper and salt after eating. This will give you vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, potassium, lycopene and lutein together.
  • Eat papaya daily. Long-term consumption of papaya reduces excess fat.
  • - Consumption of curd decreases the excess body fat.
  • - Make a fine powder of small peep and filter it with a cloth. Take three grams of this powder daily in the morning with buttermilk. This causes the protruding abdomen and the waist becomes thin.
  • - Cabbage has fat loss properties. This helps in correcting metabolism of the body.
  • - Take one spoon of mint juice and 2 teaspoons of honey. This reduces obesity.
  • - Drinking 250 grams of tomato juice for 2-3 months as soon as waking up in the morning reduces fat.
  • Make a powder by grinding dried gooseberry and turmeric. Take this powder with buttermilk, the waist will become very thin.
  • - If obesity is not decreasing, weight can be controlled by adding chopped green chilli or black pepper in the food. A research has found that eating chili is the best way to lose weight. Capsaicin, an element found in chilies, causes irritation, which reduces appetite. This also increases energy consumption, which keeps the weight under control.
  • - Mix honey in two tablespoons of radish juice. Add equal amount of water to it and drink. After doing this, obesity will be reduced after 1 month,  grind the root of Malati and mix it with honey and drink it with buttermilk. In postpartum obesity it acts like a panacea.
  • - Mix two spoons of honey in a glass of cold water every morning. Drinking this solution reduces the amount of fat from the body.
  • - Avoid high carbohydrate items. Sugars, potatoes and rice contain more carbohydrates. They increase fat.
  • - Wheat, soybean and gram flour mixed bread is more beneficial than just wheat flour bread.   
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