Home remedies for joint pain

Friday, October 2, 2020
I am a regular reader of and a fan of your spiritual, cultural and Ayurvedic knowledge. It is our great fortune that we have a magazine like Kalpavriksh Praising this magazine is like showing a lamp to Sun. I am a soldier and currently posted in the valleys of Jammu and Kashmir. I am sending a very effective household recipe to remove joint pain and send it in public interest. I have freed many patients by using this prescription. Due to the effect of arthritis and Cold and cloudy during the rainy season, the patient suffering from joint pain has a lot of pain.


Garlic 250 grams ,  indigenous Khand 500 grams ,  turmeric 150 grams , all  four Magaz ,  dry ginger, poppy seeds and Kamarakas all around 100-100 grams ,  native ghee 500 grams,  milk 1 liter ,  Khoya 250 grams ,  almonds 200 grams , cloves 50 grams and small Cardamom 10 grams

Peel the garlic buds and keep them aside. Finely grind turmeric. Put garlic cloves in the milk and heat it and make a khoya with the flour. Take out the khoya, grind 250 grams of khoya and all other liquids and grind them with fine code and keep them to cool down. Keep the ghee to heat and cook for a while by adding ground turmeric, then remove the khoya mixture and mix it well by stirring and let it cool. When it cools down, then put it in the mixture and mix it well and fill it in a big glass barn (jar) and keep it covered with air tight lid.

Quantity and intake method

Take one tablespoon with water on empty stomach in the morning and at bedtime at night. After this, do not eat anything for half an hour. Avoid eating tamarind, mango powder, mango pickle, raw carry etc. at all.

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