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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Hair care home treatment

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Nowadays due to the effects of dietary and ethics, head hair is starting to ripen and become premature and become white and also have loss. New-age young men and women are worried about what to do with these hairs which have started ripening ahead of time. Hair whitening has not only become a problem nowadays, it always has been. Nowadays, when hair starts getting white at a young age, then there is a matter of trouble, but the hair is not liked even in the growing age, so women and men who do not like to get white hair. 

In the last 35 years, while doing drug manufacturing and medical service, we tried hard to find some natural best way to stop the hair from turning untimely so that the untimely hair can be stopped, but it cannot succeed. Our revered Gurudev late poet Sitaramji Ajmera also tried hard in this direction, Some recipes were also prepared, but with the 100% guarantee, no recipe could produce hair black from the root. In this subject Ajmeraji had reached the same conclusion that Ayurveda has already reached and we too, after making all efforts, finally came to the same conclusion that Ajmeraji had reached. The conclusion of Ayurveda is that due to proper diet and non-adherence to ethics, the body becomes disorderly and unable to remain in its natural state, so the immunity of the body is reduced and it can be prevented from many types of diseases. Gets trapped in the trap. Hair graying and white is 'pelvic disease' and scalp hair (baldness) 'khalit disease' is. The remedies Ayurveda suggests to protect hair can also prove to be effective and beneficial. When dieting and keeping the body healthy, the idea of ​​ethics should also be followed. Man has to suffer the penalty of breaking the laws of nature. Ayurveda gives such guidance which is compatible with the laws of nature and the person who conducts according to this guidance remains happy and healthy. If a person suffers from a disease while performing proper conduct, it is not only the result of his present conduct but also the result of the deeds done in the past (also in previous lives). This secret should be kept in mind.

It is worth knowing the fact that Ayurveda scripture is authentic and rational not only in the subject of medicine, treatment, body and disease etc. but also on many philosophical and esoteric issues like soul, birth, rebirth, karma, sin, virtue, destiny and purushartha.

That is, the deeds performed in the past life or in the past are called Divine. The karma that is performed in this birth or immediately is called Paurush. The asymmetry of the divine and masculine causes the tendency of diseases and the equanimity (yoga) of the divine and masculine is the cause of the disease to be removed.

The simple and concise explanation of this is that the antecedents, ie, the results of the deeds done in this birth or previous lives (divine) and the deeds being performed in the present tense, result in disease in a mutually unfavorable manner and if both are favorable. A healthy state is created. In the present, even if good behavior is inauspicious, the virtuous person will suffer from disease. Similarly, the vicious person will also remain healthy on the auspicious results of previous deeds. Just as if someone escaped from killing someone, escaped from the grip of law, and started living in another city in a very good manner, then seeing his present conduct, everyone would consider him to be a very good and gentle person. But when he gets his clue, The police looking for him will start taking him and then the people will wonder how the police is taking the good man. This is the mutually unfavorable condition of Daiva (pre-function) and Paurusha (present action). Now consider hair problem in this context.

Disregarding health care practices by wrongly eating and behaving in a wrong way, such as anger, bereavement, labor, physical body. Pitta ki kashan pachti palitam tenay jayate. According to (Sushruta Samhita), due to anger, bereavement and exertion of labor, the heat of the body and the bruised pimples reach the head and cook the hair and due to this, the disease of pallit (hair whitening) occurs. A similar situation is created by the effect of old age, but it is not a disease due to being natural, but if the hair starts to turn white, then this condition is called 'overt disease' if it is not natural. This disease is not the result of the deeds of the present period, that is, it is not the case that today someone has done inauspicious deeds and as a result, the hair has turned gray in a hurry. This is the result of wrong diet and behavior done in the past.

Now when the results start coming, then the person gets sad and upset and tries to avoid it. When the hair starts to turn white, he tries to turn them black. If he is not successful in this endeavor that the hair starts to grow black from the root, then he starts applying hair dye on the top. To exploit this desire of men and women, many manufacturers and traders advertise and promote white hair blackening oil, shampoo, etc. and they make a lot of profit whether the customer benefits or not. . In our experience till date no oil, shampoo or recipe has been used, which, on using it, will turn white hair, black from the root. It can happen and in most of the cases it has also happened that by any prescription or remedy hair loss stops, hair becomes thick and long, But at the same time it has also happened that even a good successful proven recipe could not give any benefit to anyone. Every person has his own situation, so the situation of different people is also different. The recipe that benefits one person, the same recipe will also benefit another patient of the same disease, it is not necessary. This does not happen many times. The same thing happens in the case of hair.

The untimely white hair and loss and flying is a serious and widespread problem nowadays. It is not an easy task to solve. It was necessary to familiarize the readers and readers with the seriousness and reality of this problem, so that such a role has been introduced so that the problem is not taken lightly and its seriousness is kept in mind and appropriate measures should be taken accordingly. We are presenting here some qualitative measures and home remedies. Most of these prescriptions have been published in the issue of Nirgadham. Two instructions of Ayurveda are presented before prescriptions.

It is necessary to get hair affection daily (lubrication) so that dryness does not occur in the hair roots. Dandruff, hair loss, itching in the head, hair becoming long and not dense, etc. diseases arise. With dryness, if the effect of increased warmth reaches the head due to bile infestation, then the hair starts to ripen and become white. To avoid these situations, Ayurveda has instructed-

That is, by applying oil on the hair of the scalp daily, keeping them balsamic does not cause headache, there is no baldness, baldness, no palpitation (untimely white hair), nor does hair fall. Due to the increase in strength in the head and cranium, the roots of the hair become strong, the hair remains dense, long and black.

A recipe for keeping hair black is given in the Ayurvedic book titled 'Ashtanga Hriday'.

That is, licking the mix powder of Gokhru, Amla and Giloy with ghee and honey gives strength, stability, peace, is fred from disorder and sorrow and stays black-haired (consuming this yoga) for 100 years. 

In Ayurvedic texts, the details about the amount of yogas (prescriptions) given, the amount of its constituents, the method of intake, etc. are given very less as is not given in this recipe. We are referring to this for the information of readers. According to the law of Ayurveda, when told about the quantity of the constituents, then they should be taken in the same amount, so make a fine powder by grinding different pieces of gokru, amla and guilloy separately. Mix all the three powders with equal weight and filter it thrice and fill it in the vial. In one dose, it should be licked after mixing 1 or 2 teaspoons (5-10 grams) with ghee and honey. Ghee and honey do not mix in equal amounts. Mix ghee with 1 part and honey with 3 parts. Take melted ghee but do not heat it. By licking it, if you want, you can drink mixed sugar and cold milk. It is taken on an empty stomach in the morning and after two hours of dinner, before bedtime, Take it. This recipe should be consumed for at least 3 months. What to say if you continue to consume it throughout the year. It is a very nutritious and power-enhancing yoga for men and women.

Due to a disease called 'Darunak', there are small pimples in the head, itching continues due to which one hand of the person remains in the head, that is, it remains scratched. There is a simple home remedy for him -

Grind mango kernel kernel (inner pulp) and small myrobalan with milk on a stone equal time and take it out in a bowl. Applying this paste thinly on the pimples 2-3 times a day, the coronary disease is cured. Pimples and itching stops. Due to this disease, the hair that is weak starts becoming strong and thick. After applying this paste and boiling neem leaves in water, after washing the head with this water, the body gets rid of this disease in a few days.

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