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High blood sugar is a serious problem which can have serious consequences on your health, including problems such as erectile dysfunction. This is a big problem, as diabetes cases have increased four times since 1980, also increasing the number of cases of erectile dysfunction.

After studying the results from more than 100 studies that examined more than 88 000 men at an average age of 56, scientists concluded that people suffering from diabetes are 3 times more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than healthy people. 59% of diabetes patients also suffered from erectile dysfunction, which clearly links the conditions. Furthermore, diabetes patients in the study were developing erectile dysfunction 10-15 years earlier than healthy people.

How does high blood sugar levels cause erectile dysfunction?

According to Sean Skeldon, MD, who has examined the disease for a long time, diabetes damages the nerves and blood vessels both, which are required for proper erectile function. ED is often considered a precursor to heart disease as the blood vessels that cause it are also related to the heart. This is why heart problems often manifest in the bedroom first, and develop fully later.

The good news is that most diabetes factors can be controlled and could benefit from prevention strategies. For example, you can eat legumes 3 times a week to reduce your risk of diabetes and keep your erection strong. Legumes are rich in fiber, which prevents sugar spikes after meals and regulates the blood sugar levels, effectively preventing the development of diabetes. For best results, we also suggest following a healthy diet and lifestyle which will prevent most diseases and conditions.
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