Effective Solutions for Youth Skin Problems

Thursday, September 12, 2019
Illustration of teenagers (shutterstock)

Because, the lifestyle of adolescents is now familiar with 'skin stressors'.

 Acne, blackheads and oily faces are some of the skin problems that are often experienced by teenagers. Actually, according to skin expert Dr. Gloria Novelita, SpKK, this skin problem in adolescents is not something serious to deal with.

This is because, teenage skin, especially at the age of 15-20 years, can repair themselves every 20-26 days. But unfortunately, at the same time all activities and activities of teenagers are very familiar with various things that are often referred to as 'skin stressors'.

"Teenagers and teenagers used to be very different now. Now, they are close to various 'skin stressors'. Such as pollution, UV light, diet patterns that damage the skin, high calories, fast food. Teenagers now also want to try various make Up and skin care are irritating. Stress and an unhealthy lifestyle, such as smoking, alcohol, irregular sleep patterns, "said Gloria in the launch of Garnier Pure Active Matcha Foam, in Jakarta, Tuesday (07/26/2016).

The 'skin stressor', added the co-founder of Beyoutiful Aesthetic Clinic, can subsequently cause the generation of free radicals, which can cause disruption in cell function, one of which is skin cells. This is what will make the skin look dull, blackheads, zits, increased oil production to enlarged pores. 

For this reason, teenagers really need products that fit their young skin. These products must be made from natural ingredients that are light and non-irritating, to be effective in providing solutions to their skin problems.

One that can be chosen is matcha, a type of green tea that is very special because it grows without being exposed to sunlight. Matcha, explained Gloria, is also known to have a high chlorophyll content and contains 100 times more antioxidants compared to ordinary green tea. 

"This is what makes matcha have health benefits for facial skin, including fighting free radicals, helping to reduce excess oil production, preventing acne, antibacterial, and helping relaxation and preventing stress," he explained.

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