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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Dietary Habits and Morning Exercises in Summer Season

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Apart from dieting, seasons and climate also have an effect on our body and health, so it is important to have a diet suitable to the weather and climate to protect health. Under this permanent column, details related to the diet suitable for the season are presented.
In the year 2000, under this column of the summer season (April 04), we had presented useful and necessary details about health care in the summer season for health care. Now after a year, again this opportunity has come that we should discuss about dietary habits in the summer season and non-dietary diet and protect our health by following seasonal diet. And resolve to avoid the effects of diseases. So, let's start the discussion.
Although most of the time of the year is hot in our country, but it is very hot in summer, that is why it is called summer. Answering why it is hot in this season, Ayurveda states-
That is, in the summer, the sun (due to approaching the earth) becomes sharp rays, the annoying wind of the west direction flows due to which the earth begins to heat, the rivers dry up or become thin and all directions from hot. It seems to be burning.
Summer is the last season of exchange. There are two periods in the year, Samkala and Visargaal. There are 3–3 seasons in both periods - Shishir, Vasant and Summer seasons in exchange and Rain, Autumn and Hemant seasons in Visargaal. In exchange, the Earth is near the Sun, so this period is dry, dry and hot. According to  (Charaka Samhita), the body of creatures becomes very weak due to the effect of interchange because  According to the sun, in the summer, the sun absorbs the affection of the world with its bright rays, which dries not only the body of humans but also the trees, vegetation, river ponds, wells, etc. This is the virtue of the summer season and we should keep the virtues of this virtue and follow the dietary and beneficial diet of the season so that we can avoid getting caught in the trap of seasonal diseases. After presenting such a brief description, we now present the information of dietary diet that is suitable to be followed in the summer season.
Dietary diet
Diet Food
In this diet, care should be taken to eat similar paranthas and dishes which are supposed to bring alkalinity, temperature and coolness in the body. According to "Tvadu chhintaandvigdhmanam panam tadahitam"  (Charaka samhita ), in the summer season, liquid and alkaline (lubricated) liquids with sweet juices and cold liquor (cold tasseer) properties should be consumed so as to maintain the coolness and temperature in the body. The body is in dire need during summer.
For this, eating milk rice pudding, milk, ghee, sweet rice, sattu solution, lemon juice, sweet lassi of milk-water, gooseberry jam, gulkand etc. is beneficial. "Bhajenmadhurmevanan miniseries snow snow fluid" According to (Vagbhat), sweet, light, balsamic, cold and digestible parantha should be consumed in summer season. Such items include fresh chapati (roti) with gram bhaji, batua, chaurai, parwal, ripe red tomatoes, peeled potato, green peas, bitter gourd, raw banana, melon peel, green cucumber vegetable and pulses only. Lentil pulse or moong dal with peels should be consumed. Eat arhar or gram lentils, eat it with rice or add 1-2 teaspoons of cumin in pure ghee and add it to the tempering so that the dryness of these pulses ends. Eat seasonal fruits in fruits. If you eat curd then eat it frozen, fresh and uncut curd by adding some water and add sugar or salt powder cumin according to your interest. Other pardatha include water chestnut, onion, lemon, coriander, mint, raw mango made by frying raw mango, sweet lemon shinji, chillai, skinny sattu, gulkand, agra patha, gooseberry jam,
Are dietary substances.
Pathya Vihar -
In summer, the observable vihara i.e. the life-style (routine) starts only after waking up in the morning. Three tasks should be done before sunrise in the morning. Drink water after drinking four glasses or more of cold water, taking a second bath, taking a second bath, and the third is about 3-4 km from the intake of air to come to a halt. It is followed by sunrise or happening. What to say if you do yoga yoga or exercise After this, if you want before eight o'clock, have breakfast. Like other seasons, even in summer season, one should eat at the same time i.e. do not bear hunger. One should eat small amounts of hunger and chew each mouthful 32 times. It is beneficial to bathe with the body after swimming and to go to the toilet during sleep at night.
 Inhospitable diet

Unstable diet
In the summer season, bitter, bitter, sour, sour, strong marmalade should not be eaten, cooked, made of gram flour, chilli and garam masala, dry, stale and deodorant. Sour, chopped and stale yogurt should not be eaten, one should not eat yogurt without adding water and sugar or salt cumin and should not eat curd at night according to "na dandhi bhu Ä jit". Water should not be kept in the refrigerator. If you want to drink, then take the water out of the fridge and keep it for a while so that the abnormal cold water becomes normal and then drink. Due to this, there is no disease, depression, indigestion, cold, cold, Tonsillitis etc. in the hospital. Do not eat too hot or too cold food. Do not consume Urad and Chana da b, Arhar (Tuar) da b, B Hasun, Imbi and Amchur khatai, honey, vinegar etc.
Apeya Vihar -
In this season, some people like to sleep till late in the morning which is harmful to the body, health and beauty of the face, especially to the eyes, so it is not right to sleep till late in the morning and wake up late in the night. Do not overdo it in cohabitation, but Ayurveda has forbidden it, such as, "Methunadvirto Nara, the fertile man of summer," that is, one should not have sex in summer. Now
this sermon was given in a time when there were neither bold scenes and movies, nor were the flashes of erotic scenes or advertisements were shown, nor was there any difficulty in watching stolen porn movies, then the man had no difficulty in restraining, but In today's era, when aphrodisiac situations are appearing step by step due to various reasons and forms, then such preaching. 

It is not a matter of everyone to do this, so we said that in summer, at least have sex. Walking in strong sunlight, hungry thirsty, b-heavy heavy labor, over-exercising, sleeping during the day, m-urine and stopping thirst velocity etc. should not be done.

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Ayurvedic Natural Herbal Medicinal Health Treatment Methods without side effects. This blog is related to health, fitness, wellness, Alternative Medicines and leading a disease free lifestyle. It gives in depth info and knowledge about how to remain healthy all your life without taking medicines and non invasive treatment methods.



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