Diet in Peak and Spring Season

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Diet of Peak and Spring Season 

Each season has its own effect that affects our body and health, so to protect the body and health, it is absolutely necessary that our diet is suitable for the Vihara season. Useful and beneficial information about doable and inexplicable diet in the winter and spring season is presented. Regular readers of must know that there are two parts of the year. The first part is called Aamkaala, in which the Sun remains Uttarayan and strong. The first season of Input period is Shishir and the last season is Summer. The second part is called the Visarga period, in which the Sun is Dakshinayan and a weak force. The first season of Visarga period is rain and the last season is Hemant. In this way the winter, spring and summer seasons and rainfall in the Visarga period, Autumn and Hemant seasons occur. At the time of exchange, the Sun is strong and the Moon is weak. The air remains dry and exploitative. The sun also remains exploitative. There is an outbreak of heat. Titta, cut and astringent juice grow. The peak season is strong, spring season is moderate and summer is rich. In this period, the living class gradually becomes weaker. In the Visarga period, there is a lunar force and the Sun is a weak force. The air is less dry and mild. Lunar keeps nourishing. Acids, salts and sweet (aliphatic) juices grow. The rainy season is of great strength, autumn is of moderate strength and hemat season is of good strength. In this period, the living class respectively gets strength. Your again After presenting this brief description of the rituals and the two periods (input and immersion) for remembrance, the two seasons now discuss the rituals of rearing and renunciation in Shishir and Vasant. According to time division, there are six seasons in a year and each season is of two months. Accordingly, the two months of the winter season are considered as Magh and Phalgun, but in terms of the outbreak and mitigation of defects, the six seasons do not count the peak season before the rainy season and after the summer season …………….

Just Take care

In the winter season, the exchange starts, so with the onset of cold in this season, there is lightness and sharpness in the air, usually a strong cold wave moves in this season, this should be kept in mind so that the cold can be avoided. . Digestive power is good in the winter season just like the Hemant season. Nights are big due to which deep sleep can be taken for a long time and the body can be given an opportunity to get enough rest. By getting enough rest, the body is strengthened and the diet is properly digested so one should not stay awake till late in this season.

Diet in the winter season should be done as it is done in the spring. In this season, the winter is more cold than the Hemant season and due to the rain of Mawtha, the air becomes more hot, so to protect against the outbreak of cold, more spring in this season is a kind of winter between summer and summer, so this In the season, the weather is sometimes cold, sometimes hot and sometimes temperate. Often it is hot in the day and cold at night. This instability of weather also affects our body and health. Therefore, in this season, due to the increase in the effect of food and food in this season, the rays of the sun gradually intensify during this season, due to which, the accumulated phlegm in the body gets irritated and causes phlegmatic diseases. In such a situation, eating a diet that causes phlegm, cough, sore throat, swelling in the tonsils, It does not take long for colds and colds and fever to sleep in the daytime in the spring and wake up at night is harmful to health. Sleeping in the day cures phlegm and waking in the night vapors vata. If proper dieting is done then this season is very pleasant, that is why it is called Rituraja and Mausme outside.
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