Benefits of Rice Flour Masks for the Face

Thursday, September 12, 2019

4 Benefits of Rice Flour Masks for the Face

Previously, make sure the rice flour you use is preservative free.

Using instant face masks is indeed fun because it is anti-complicated and gives instant results. But there's nothing wrong if you try a more traditional style by using a face mask from rice flour .

Besides being cheaper, rice flour masks are also rich in nutrients. Reporting from various sources, here are 4 benefits of rice flour masks for the face. Check it out!

Soften the skin
To soften your skin, use a mask of rice flour combination with olive oil. Previously, make sure the rice flour used is free of preservatives and does not expire. This type of mask is not recommended for owners of combination facial skin because the texture of olive oil is very thick and difficult to absorb by combination skin types.

Brightening the face
A mixture of rice flour with yogurt is very good for lightening the skin. both rice flour and yogurt each have a diverse nutrient content so that it is effective in making the skin brighter and supple. this combination of masks can also disguise panda eyes and reduce black spots on the face.

Lifting dead skin cells
When using rice flour masks, try to do a gentle, soothing massage. Soft granules from rice flour are effective for removing dead skin cells so that the face becomes cleaner and looks fresh.Image result for beautiful girl with face maskMask illustration (shutterstock)

Tighten the skin
The face lock is youthful and free of wrinkles maybe you have found the answer. Yes, rice flour masks can tighten the face while disguising fine wrinkles. For maximum results, mix the rice flour with liquid milk to form a paste and guanakan regularly. Good luck.
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