6 Health Benefits of Bell leaf (Golden Apple) An excellent Medicine for the treatment of following Illnesses

Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Plant Bel Tree, Bilva Patra, Bel Patra (Grown through seeds ...

  1. Decoction of bilva (Golden Apple) leaves is beneficial in case of fever. If the bite of a bee, burr or wasp causes burning sensation. In such a situation, applying bilva leave juice (Golden Apple) on the infected area provides relief.

  2. Use of bilva juice (Golden Apple) is also very beneficial for heart patients. Drinking a decoction of bilva juice (Golden Apple) makes the heart strong and reduces the risk of heart attack. It is also similar to nectar for breathing patients. Drinking the juice of these leaves is very beneficial in breathing problems.

  3. If blisters occur due to increase in body heat or due to heat in the mouth, chewing bilva (Golden Apple) leaves in the mouth provides relief and the blisters are eliminated.

  4. Piles is a common disease now a days. Blood piles is a very painful disease. Grind pulp of bilva tree (Golden Apple) root and mix equal quantity of sugar candy to make powder. Take this powder with cold water in the morning and evening. If the pain is more, take it three times a day. It provides instant relief in piles.

  5. Often, problems of cold, cold and fever are more frequent in the rainy season. In this case, drinking honey mixed with bilva juice (Golden Apple) juice is beneficial.

  6. If there is a problem in stomach upset, intestinal worms in children or diarrhea in children, drinking bilva juice (Golden Apple) is very beneficial and these problems gets eliminated.
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