Best Natural Treatment to Prevents Bowel Disturbances

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Best Natural Treatment Prevents Bowel Disturbances

There are quite annoying and uncomfortable diseases, but the most “embarrassing” are diseases or conditions related to the colon. They are often linked to eating disorders, sedentary lifestyle, psychological factors or also the genetic condition.

Irritable bowel syndrome, also referred to as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) , is characterized by abdominal pain and changes in bowel rhythm, accompanied by abdominal distension and pain.

The symptoms are usually accompanied by abdominal pain as I mentioned before, it can be an oppressive or throbbing sensation, usually mild or of moderate intensity, which is relieved after the stool. People often relate their beginning with the intake of some food that they feel fell out badly.

Alterations of the intestinal rhythm can manifest with constipation or diarrhea, or alternatively, a few days constipation and other days diarrhea. The abdominal distension develops during the day and refers to “excess gas”.

Immediate satiety when a food is consumed, nausea, vomiting and pain in the chest are also very frequent. In addition to the feeling of incomplete evacuation and the presence of mucus in the stools.

Doctors advise to focus on diet mainly, low in fat and spicy, and high in protein and fiber, there are foods that can cause many more gases, such as cabbages, some legumes, nuts, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and coffee. I recommend taking Oolong Tea if you want a shot of energy.

To counteract these symptoms you can take plenty of water, eat at a time, regularize the hours of stools preferably after breakfast.

Exercising regularly is also recommended, as it produces an improvement in bowel mobility. Trying to avoid situations that generate stress or anxiety can help to avoid irritations.

There are a multitude of treatments and medical and alternative recommendations including drugs, techniques such as psychotherapy, acupuncture, even hypnotherapy to help people cope with the symptoms.

Since I know that women are particularly prone to irritable bowel syndrome, since the data indicates that twice as many women suffer from the syndrome compared to men, I am going to tell you about the property of a legendary bush that has helped many people to relieve the symptoms of this syndrome.

Specialists also tell us that contaminated food and water can cause more cases of irritable bowel syndrome accompanied by gastroenteritis, which is why they recommend drinking bottled or filtered water.

In previous paragraphs I had mentioned, stress, antibiotic abuse, and allergic reactions, can also increase the likelihood that one has irritable bowel

If we take into account that mint is a very popular ingredient in the kitchen, in the composition of products for oral hygiene and chewing gum, in addition to giving us freshness, this plant contains menthol, substance that helps to close the ion channels of Calcium responsible for muscle contraction, creating a relaxing effect on the muscles of the walls of the intestine, therefore helps relieve abdominal pain, cramps, constipation and diarrhea.

As if that were not enough, it has also been used and is currently used for a number of health conditions, including cold symptoms, cramps, headaches, indigestion, joint pain, nausea, stomach and intestinal disorders, and heart disease. the gallbladder

Just as the ancient holisticists or grandmothers did, I will teach them how to prepare the solution to the irritable bowel and especially its symptoms, anything that offers a little control over these symptoms provides great relief.

On the one hand, mint oil is an option. Taking a spoonful twice a day between meals would avoid abdominal distension and the pain associated with the syndrome. Another option is mint tea, it is a great ally and improves digestion.

A simple remedy prepared with Aloe and Mint, taking two glasses a day, one in the morning on an empty stomach and another after dinner would also help.

Heat two glasses of water, at the boiling point add 40g of aloe vera gel and stir well to be well diluted, and then add mint leaves, is prepared as an infusion or let it rest for a while until be at room temperature. If you’re going to make it with mint oil, you should add a spoonful after the water and the aloe are at a higher temperature.

Once these elements have mixed well and have released their essence in the water, you should consume it at room temperature. I suggest you do it for 10 days in a row and then adopt it as a habit.

I recommend that you never self-medicate and do not despise the recommendations that the specialists give you, I am to help them and not over the doctors.
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